Hampi, a magical land where history meets nature. Hampi was one of the largest and richest cities in the world during the 14th century, also listed as a UNESCO world heritage site because of its immense landscape with historical temples and mythical boulders. Located on the banks of mighty Tungabhadra River, Hampi is also known as the birthplace of the monkey god, Lord Hanuman. Shoot at Site takes you to a splendid visual journey around Hampi allowing you to capture temples to hills, sunrises to sunsets, birds to insects, people to paddy fields and a lot more.


Shoot at site is a two day mentored photography tour that takes you on a visual journey in the most scenic locations to understand the concepts of Photography. This visual journey will take you to a new world of shapes and colours, focusing on getting the best out of your photography gear, also guiding your visions with a creative pinch. You will learn to deal with various faces of light providing you with good exposure about Photography. We will discuss the different aspects of composition that can make your photographs go well in a frame. We also have critique sessions and challenges that would highlight the best of your shadows. We welcome you to join us to capture memories and cherish them for a long time.


DAY 0 Pickup from Bangalore and overnight journey till Hampi involving lite introduction into the world of pixels
DAY 1 Early Golden Hour pre-session for photography at morning sun rise & to capture beautiful landscapes – Freshen up, breakfast and photography discussions – Special photography point to understand basics of Photography & composition skills – photo exercises & challenges – Lunch followed by short break – Boat ride for sunset photography (Mastak Ganesh Temple) – Coracle ride to home stay – Dinner & connecting with the vibes of Hampi
DAY 2 Wake up by 4:30 – Anjaneya hill temple for Golden Hour Session #2 – Reach homestay to freshen up and explore the food of Hampi – Take ferry and head for river walk – Reach Vithalla Temple (Stone Chariot) – Coracle ride and set course to Bangalore – Reach Bangalore by 2200 Hrs (approx.)


Hampi is located in North Karnataka and is around 350kms from Bangalore. Once we board the bus we will provide you with a brief overview about the Photography Tour. We will also ‘Say Cheese’.



Once we board down the bus at Virupapur Gadde which is on the other side of the River Tungabhadara. We head ourselves to witness the sunrise amongst the giant rocks. We have a stroll for 10 minutes passing paddy fields and friendly dogs to reach our destination.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

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After consuming the morning rays of the sun, we head back to our homestay. We prepare our self to start our day by hiking towards a non commercial point which offers peace as hardly people know about it, great space for us to use our equipment, gush of cool breeze and variety of subjects to start our learning process. We like to call it secret photography point . We will have our sessions on Exposure and Composition with a view you can’t refuse. The bus will drop us at the base of the hill.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

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While your sessions at the secret photography pount you will notice from the top how Tungabhadra River flows between the two sides of Hampi. Yes, we are heading over to the other side to the Hemakuta Hill. The sunset here is very serene and the breeze adds on to the serenity. Photographing the sunset here will be a memorable one. We take the ferry to cross the river and walk to the Hemakuta Hill.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

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Early morning sunrises are always something worth waking up for, especially when you are at Hampi. This place is considered as the birth place of Lord Hanuman. It offer a good bird’s eye view of Hampi. Our bus will drop us to the base of the hill.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

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As soon as we are done with breakfast, we will cross Tungabhadra River to reach the other side of Hampi. The walk will take you through temples and ruins alongside the river. And we will end our journey at the Vithala temple where you can see the world famous Stone Chariot.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

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Final glimpse of river Tungabhadra as we will cross the river where Get Beyond Limits bus will be waiting for us to head back to Bangalore.


This programme is conducted for everybody who loves to make memories. You will find beginners to serious enthuasists who want to improve their skills to start 'Making Photographs' and exploring the 'Art of Photography'.

This workshop will cater to photographers of all levels, improving every aspect from your visions to the photograph you make. In hand experience during our field sessions will give you a bigger picture about the applications of Photography.


  • Using Manual/Aperture/Shutter priority modes of your DSLR in right situations.
  • How to balance an exposure triangle (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed) for taking creatively exposed images.
  • Various focusing techniques
  • Creative composition skills using various composition techniques (Rule of third, Filling the frame, Lines etc)


CAMERA Digital camera, preferably a DSLR (note: majority of our session will be focused on DSLR)
CAMERA CHARGER The weather changes drastically, carrying a light jacket or a sweater is required at night and morning as it is cold.
32 GB MEMORY CARD To give you plenty of space to let your creativity unfirl
CAMERA MANUAL To make sure you don't miss out on any of the abilities of your camera
EXTRA BATTERY To be double sure that nothing comes between our desire to learn and explore
SHOWER CAPS Best way to protect your DSLR from sudden and unexpected rains
T-SHIRT/SHIRT T-shirt/Shirt Carry light cotton t-shirts preferably full sleeves to avoid sun burn. Avoid carry black as it is a heat absorber.
CAP/HAT A cap or a hat that can cover the head and face against the direct sunlight during peak hours.
SHOES A pair of shoe with good traction and water proof body is an ideal match. Ensure that the shoes are not old or new, get used to the shoe if it is new, as a rule you should be comfortable to walk in difficult terrain for 6 hours at least.
SOCKS Sports or cotton socks that don’t make your feet sweat on long walks. Carrying few extra pair is always a good idea in case they get wet
RAIN COAT/PONCHO A compact raincoat or a poncho that can quickly dry when wet is very important considering the amount of rain-shower that happens especially in Monsoon. 1
WATER BOTTLE A 2 litre good leak proof water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to drink spring water, if any.
TORCH A small sized torch is mandatory. You would not like be in limits after the sunset.
PERSONAL MEDICATION KIT Crocin, Combiflam, Dettol, ORS, Betadine Cream, Volini Spray, Digene, Cotton, Crape Bandage and Band Aid or any other medicine which you take frequently.
TOWEL It should be light and easily dry after use.
SUN GLASSES Sturdy, convenient to carry sun glasses for eye protection.


Make your own workshot with all the unique requirement that complete your trek. You need to imagine and we will deliver.


ALTITUDE 1,532 feet
ATTRACTIONS A heap of boulders formed over billions of years of erosion surrounds the hills in and around the Hampi City, water reservoir, river, coracles, religious monuments, people of different ethnicities, hills, paddy fields, beautiful sunsets & sunrises, mythological artifacts etc.
REGION Hampi is part of District Bellary, North Karnataka.


I just bought my DSLR & only started using it. Is shoot at site recomended for me?
Shoot at site will be perfect start for your photography journey, as you will not only learn how to use your DSLR with confidence, but also practice using it to create awesome memories for life.
I have a point'n'shoot/phone camera. Will shoot at site helpful for me?
Shoot at site will be a perfect place for a DSLR users. But it can also help other camera users especially if your phone camera has a manual mode. Additionally you can also benifit by improving your compositional skills without a DSLR.
Is there any support provided for the participants after the workshop?
Shoot at site will have a photographers community in Google / Facebook where we invite all our participants to be a part of. In this community you will not only get support for all your technical queries (for free), but you also gets oppurtunity to be part of professional photo shoots with Beyond-Pixels team and learn professional tips and tricks.