It is Arabian sea. Along the side of beach-sand there are the mountains and along the slope of mountains there are rocky alleys. Alleys mean not normal as the pitch roads of cities. These are quite thin like alleys of Varanasi. Only difference is here in Gokarna, at one side of alleys you will find huge mountains and on the other side a deep piece of Arabian sea. Sometimes we are climbing up, sometimes slope is in the down directions.

This is Gokarna Beach Trek. We were ten trekkers with two amazing guides. We started our trekking from morning and ended up around ten at night. The trek started from Paradise beach. Few companions were busy in taking bath and I was clicking photos around. After buying a Canon camera I studied about Sea or Beach photography but till now could not click a desirable photo. The photography journey is still in try and is on. You know, life is all about imperfections!!!

Sea is melodious in rain. There is an exceptional experience to sense sea in monsoon. This should be added in a traveller’s must do bucket list. I swear, Monsoon sea is going to be a marvellous enjoyment, Travellers ! One of my Pune friend said “We do not play with Sea, Sea does the play with us”. And it is truly said.

Twenties is too active like the Monsoon sea. After crossing thirty, life is calm. There was a time during grad when I hiked two –three mountains consecutively. Now, being a mid-aged may be I will not be able to do such hikings ! After sea-bath we started climbing up again. We reached Half-moon beach. Sitting on the tree branches, we finished our packed lunch. It was a Lemon rice which was being tasted unexceptionally tasty in a hungry belly. After that, we trekked to Om beach. We were sitting at the Dolphin point. It was a extension of mountain top. I can not describe the view. The rain approached us from far and we felt that. We sat on the top and drenched in rain. This was the best part of the whole trek.

We were walking from morning. All wearing clothes are drenched. After having bread-omlette, fish-fry, tea, egg fried rice we started for Kudle beach. It was dark already. We had torches. Following the arrows on the rocks in dark rainy night, we somehow reached in the mid of a jungle. There were fireflies. We turned off all lights and felt the adventure created around us in a jungle. We were total twelve but after switching on the torches, we found one extra person (GHOST !?) is standing among us and we shouted, we scared. Ha Ha Ha ! Sorry Travellers. This did not happen and I was joking !!

We reached Kudle beach very safely and our tempo was waiting for us there. After having some food in Kudle beach, we came back to our homestay near the bus stop. Next day early morning we hiked a mountain to see sunrise. We visited Mahabaleshwar temple too.

I am a middle-aged woman who loves to travel, loves to hike, loves to eat food and loves to meet new people. Culture, history attracts me always. And I plan for a new journey to a new place. I am a person of Generation Y and this is an era of Generation B. Age is travelling not only for me, for all of us. We, the travellers, are travelling from one place to another place as if age is travelling. There is nothing wrong in this, nothing new in this! So, guys like me who are at mid-age, show a thumps up to your constantly increasing age and roam around the world. So, my dear, Go hiking, Go travelling! Come join Get Beyond Limits.

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