On Sunday, I was giving a treat to my old friend KK at Amanora Mall. It was Pune, my new client location. KK was dancing on the floor and I was eating Chicken wings. Suddenly, my left side tooth broke down when I was chewing a chicken bone. And I remembered my dentist warned me not to chew any bone on that particular “Root Canal Tooth”. I was so excited seeing the chicken on my plate, I forgot all warnings of my dentist. What a pain, dear!I left the party.

It was next Saturday morning. I had a small surgery for my broken teeth. I came back at my Pune guest house. Left side of my face still is numb and the effect of anaesthesia is still there. My cook was preparing khichdi for me. Then my phone rang. It was Prabir. They are going to hike ‘Duke’s Nose’. The plan was to see the sunset and stay at the top of ‘Duke’s Nose’ in tents. This type of offerings are not easy to deny! Especially for hikers. With all effects of tooth surgery and anaesthesia on my face, I left the cook-made khichdi half and I ran to the meeting point at Balewadi.

Me, Kushal, Prabir and Digambar! It was afternoon. We started by bikes towards Lonavala. We had two tents and two sleeping bags at our backpacks. On the way from Pune to Lonavala, the Sun sets and darkness came. After having daal-khichdi at Ramkrishna Hotel we went to the village based in the lap of ‘Duke’s Nose’. It was 9 at night. We parked the bikes and started climbing up the hill. The half Moon was shining over our head. We all had torches. No, no, sorry! We three had torches and Digambar had head-torch bought from Decathlon. We were climbing up on the snake-alike alleys of the hills. We saw different kinds of spiders. There was a little space inclined in the hills. We thought we can set our tents in that space. But, there were lots of holes in that space. The holes are the best places to hide for snakes or spiders. So, not safe at all. We climbed up again. A small hill is ‘Duke’s Nose’. Local name is ‘Nagfoni’. A big piece of the ‘Duke’s Nose’ is lying straightly and at the end the hill suddenly took a high volume just like a snake with his heads up.

We reached at the top around 12 at night. A small red-coloured temple was there. Beside it there was a ‘Shivlinga’ and one ‘Trisul’. At otherside was shining a red ‘Shivaji Dhawj’. The small place was cement floored. It was windy night. The long-long-far cities were shining like small stars. One train went by there. We can see everything from the top but could not hear any noise. My teeth and face had become very normal. I took a sleeping bag and slept on the cemented floor. Kushal, Prabir and Digamber were chatting continuously, mostly about their ex-girlfriends and break-ups. One reason for the break-up was his ex did not like the January cold frozen Delhi! Most probably, not the actual reason of break-up!!

Suddenly few torches were coming close by. Another group of trekkers came at the place. It was 3 at night! So much noise!! We packed our backpacks and started our journey to anther hill-top in search of silence. Remembering all the persons who left us alone in our lives, tears came at my eyes. And I did not want anyone seeing the tears of loneliness. So all I wanted is darkness.

We climbed up another hill-top. But could not stay there. Digambar was interested to go for a search of another valley. So we went with him. We climbed down too far and discovered that it was not a valley, it was a jungle. Again we came back at the previous silent hill-top. I was sleeping on the rocks and they were chatting. We did not put up the tents.

It was dawn. The sky is shining like colourful diamonds. I was clicking photos with my newly bought Canon. The three went to explore a nearby valley. I was sitting on the top. All alone same as I am leading my life.

Climbing down was easier. We reached the base village around 8 in the morning. Got the news that Sridevi has died. We came back at Pune by bikes. It was afternoon. I reached my guest house leaving every past behind with a new “Armann” to stay in present, to start a new life. Dears, let all our break-ups and all our loneliness be covered and hided under the sheet of January frozen Delhi’s coldness. Let us start new! Hike more and live more!!

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