‘Once the travel bug bites there is no known antidote, and I know that I shall be happily infected until the end of my life’- Michael Palin
If you’re a traveler or a wanna-be traveler like me, you know what Palin means. Your life can be divided into two phases-tripping and planning next trip. I’ve been dreaming, rather obsessing of my next since my previous solo trip, Ooty.

A close friend of mine says every traveler has a personality-and his is Mountains. It could be architecture, cities, lakes, forests, sunsets-anything you can spend hours staring at. I haven’t found my personality yet but I’m pretty sure it has something to do with nature. There’s nothing more calming than lying on grass and watching the clouds slowly take different shapes or listen to the waves gushing up the shore.

Sharavathi was my perfect next destination. I’ve heard of it from a friend and I was lucky to find Get Beyond Limits, a travel startup that was a delight to trip with. We took a bus from Bangalore at 10 PM and reached Shimoga around 8 AM. This was probably one of the most cut-off places I’ve been to. There’s no reception, no plugpoints, no houses, no people. It was beautiful.

We started the trip by taking a coracle ride to one of the islands and boy, was it beautiful! It was a sight to see bare strong trees in the midst of all the water-just like a painting. The sky was surprisingly clear, since a heavy rainfall was predicted-I wasn’t disappointed, (Not sure if I can say the same now-considering the amount I have tanned! :P) We walked for about 2 kms to find an ideal place to pitch our tents. Thanks to Pramod and Vignesh, the trek leads, I pitched my first tent!! (yay!). If you’re a water baby, you’ll love this place! It’s surrounded by such scenic water view, I jumped right into the backwaters. I spent most of the time floating on the water and watching the clouds go by, with the sound of water surging in my ears.

In the evening, we walked for a kilometer or so, to find a great spot to watch the sunset. Unfortunately, it was too cloudy to spot the sunset, yet it was gorgeous to see the clouds painting the sky with breathtaking colours while the sun set behind them. Thankfully, the sky cleared as the night fell, causing the island glitter with starlight. I really wish I had a camera good enough to capture it. But, I gazed at it long enough to imprint it in my alphantasiac mind.

We woke up around 3:30 AM to watch the sunrise from another part of the island. I dismantled and packed the tent and trust me, it was not as much fun as it was to pitch it (ugh.) Like the sunset, we could not watch the sunrise due to the clouds. Yet, the early-dawn walk across the islands was a soothing start to the day. We trekked about 7 kms up the hill to the Sharavathi View Point. The forest was brilliant, unexplored. I just hope as people begin to explore this gorgeous place, they don’t litter the forests. Bird chirping and the fallen foliage of every shade of green were the highlights of the trek. The view from the top was to die for! There’s something about looking at the nature from the top that humbles you. This was just that. It was humbling to a point I shut up for a long time watching the view. We spent about half hour on top of the hill and descended back to catch the bus.

As I crashed in the bus, I thought about the last two days-the week before the weekend, how stressful it was on the day I caught the bus to Sharavathi, yet at that moment, it all seemed like a different lifetime.

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