Impulse led Vignesh to do a Google search and click on one of the treks on the Get Beyond Limits website but since then, there has been no looking back. “You know it’s mysterious to me and yet it isn’t. I decided to go on just one trek to get rid of my Monday blues and here I am, completed four treks back to back with the same group,” he says. He fondly remembers Bavikonda and Kilchika peaks as one of his most loved treks. After some quick research on the website, he decided to hop in board.

He describes Bavikonda as a place that has something for all and Nitin, another trekker, couldn’t agree more. For both the boys, the trek wasn’t very challenging and yet offered some memories to carry back to the city. 

PC: Sumit

Not for nothing is it touted as the king of landscapes. Rightly so! It offers something for all - panoramic views, history in generous doses, a number of features from rocks to streams and the peace and quiet that every traveller looks for. Originally known for its many wells, Bavikonda was a place popular for the collection of rainwater.  It even houses a monastery and some stupas.

PC: Sumit

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“It’s not a hard trek. It’s more of a relaxing place with simple mountains to climb. I think that’s why it’s a spot for the adventurous and those who are just looking for a ‘luxury’ holiday.” He says that apart from the rugged peaks which one has to scale through and can quite well, the trek offers a lot of other activities and exciting features for everyone.

Nitin adds, “It has waterfalls and streams that is the ubiquitous attraction spot for anyone. There is a ridge walk that can scare anyone but it takes just mental stability to complete it.” And the boys surely can’t stop gushing about the view. Vignesh says that Bavikonda offers one of the best views. “It’s calm and quiet out there. Most treks are commercial and as you can go to the summit you see so many people, hear so much noise but this isn’t like that.”

PC: Karan

The boys quip that another major pull for this place is the quiet Hamlet that it cradles in the bosom of the mountain. The locals here are one of the most friendliest one will ever meet. Vignesh says that the homestay was very hospitable and generous to a bunch of outsiders. The guides are a fount of knowledge and one can listen to endless conversations (over chai)  about the place's Buddhist leanings. 

PC: Sumit

And a trek is only complete with the kind of group you go with and the friends you make at every step. One of the reasons why Vignesh kept coming back with Get Beyond Limits was because of their ability to be efficient and quick. The group at Bavikonda at their respective treks was also helpful and goaded each one to challenge themselves. Nitin remembers that apart from the trek itself, some amazing times he did have at Bavikonda were the activities around the bonfire. “I’m definitely coming back here. It’s the best place to challenge your mind and have a relaxing weekend,” says Vignesh.

PC: Sumit

You too can be part of the team by clicking on BOOK NOW.

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