Walking through two giant states in South India is a seamless blend of cultural,
transformational, experiential, social experiences. From the land of ‘coffee
houses’ and ‘aranmanes’ to a place dotted with elephants, coconuts and
‘appams’ is of course not travelling the breadth of the country, but hey! 23 kms
can be a golden milestone to achieve.

PC: Prateek

A non-commercial place to visit, the Coorg-Kerala Trek offers a bountiful and
the best time to visit is the monsoons, with everything looking fresh and
swaying to your feet, as if welcoming you into the heartland of South India!
A stroll from Coorg to Kerala sounds difficult and looks uncomfortable, but Get
Beyond Limits can tailor an easy experience for you. With the right mentors and
trek leads, cosy accommodation and transport, all you have to do is walk
through and savour a million colours - like coffee plantations, real ‘tweets’ by
birds, spotted leopards foot marks, fresh, wild grass, and many

And if all of this isn’t enough, you can always let luscious leeches sink their
teeth into your legs, and it really is an experience of a lifetime, explains Prateek.
“You might never get a leech bite in your life so enjoy it while it happens,” he
says, cheerfully. He got to know about the trek through Facebook and when
asked about one of the biggest challenges, “leeches”, he quips.

PC: Vidhi

“At first you won’t feel anything but later it will get in touch with your skin.
You start bleeding and slowly the pain settles in. You won’t even be able to see
the blessed thing. It’s like a thin strand of thread.” He cites a paste of tobacco
and coconut oil to remedy the leech bite. “Don’t put salt,” he warns.
Finishing the trek after a ‘legful’ of leech bites, he says that this aspect
shouldn’t deter anyone to go on the walk.
“You can actually see the differences between the two states as you walk.
Landscape is mostly green and brown but you feel an evident difference in the
change in temperature.” He also recounts other unique experiences like birds’
songs. “They actually tweet in all tunes and at all times, something you’ll never
hear in the city. I could hear a variety of chirps,” he laughs.

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PC: Koushick

Priya Singh, who completed the trek recently, also faced similar experiences.
“On the way, after about 10 kms, I hurt my leg and my nerve stretched a little
bit. It was quite difficult to walk after that but the great group we had at GBL
kept me going. My team lead was whistling, telling me stories, giving me
glucose and did everything possible to distract me from my pain. So the leeches
didn’t bother me anymore.”

Although each trek offers different experiences for different people as it
depends on one’s questions to nature, Coorg-Kerala walk will definitely teach
everybody the same lesson once you’re back – that the mind blocks are only in
the mind and once you break them down through your power, you can keep
walking! Wish you to complete the challenging treks.

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