The first sights of a trek always stay on for hours than dancing on crazy music over booze, the warm liquid taste of filter coffee that leaves a lasting impression on the mouth. The hint of the first blade of green grass in Kodachadri, a cottony cloud doing a backstroke on a hill at Kopatty, the freshest chill after the sun tumbles down the pink evening in Makalidurga…and we can go on! This weekend I choose to go to places I have never been outside Bangalore city.

I found this is the best way to kick off a weekend and a long one at that. Witness all of this and more inside the woods, where the hustle bustle is only the crickets’ call, the honks-honks are only the whispers of the wind, the long walks you will take are not in any highways or below subway streetlights but actually on flat plateaus and the only people around will be your newest friends – the ones who will pick you from if you scale down a mountain, teach you how to hug trees and catch butterflies and may even share a power snack or two. At least one will wake up with sunrise than a hangover.

Luckily, we have Get Beyond Limits to help you tailor your trek and choose like you’re picking candy from a candy store! And who knows, what you choose below may be one of your best long weekend experiences! 

1. KODACHADRI TREK: The milestones here really shout out to the powerhouses ready to seize the day. Scaling the rugged peaks and jumping off the brooks and finally hitting the summit can excite the strong ones and toughen the weaker characters. Other than meeting your oh-so-normal friends every weekend, try to broaden your horizon and wade through the exotic fauna that Mookambika National Park can offer you. Click BOOK NOW for Kodachadri Trek.

PC: Shruthi

2. KOTTE BETTA TREK: Kotte Betta can teach you the flavour of local history better than any four walls of a classroom. Also known as fort hill, the peak stands the test of time with relics having survived from the great epic Mahabharatha, overlooking some gigantic forests. The Coorg’s gem is surely for the travel bugs who want to backpack off for a quiet long weekend. Click BOOK NOW for Kotte Betta Trek.

3. TAVOOR HILLS COORG - RIDGE WALK TREK: This is definitely for the daring in the doldrums after a hectic week. The crazy ridge walk is the best trip to improve one’s sharpness and gradually develop an eye to look closely and carefully. It’s a trek that helps you introspect and understand the power of focus, while appreciating the small yet mighty creatures of life. Thanks to Kaveri that has flourished and nourished the Coorg community, you can sit back and enjoy the misty woods and quaint mountains. Click BOOK NOW for Tavoor Hills Coorg - Ridge Walk Trek.

PC: Sandana

4. KUDREMUKH TREK: This is one that can help you stay frisky as a lamb yet shrewd as a tiger. Breathe in deep a bit more and slowly you feel a rush of empathy to everything around you, even the tiniest of ants crawling close by, as you tumble in the green evenings in Kudremukh. The horse-shaped peak with galloping clouds around it can energise a trekker for the week. Click BOOK NOW for Kudremukh Trek.

PC: Preethu

5. GOKARNA BEACH TREK: Gokarna literally screams out to the beach bums to get out of their comfortable lives and get ready to swim, run, hike and have fun! The sun-kissed beaches like Om beach and Kudle beach can never leave you exhausted of the sun dancing in the horizons. This trek offers a blessed experience to understand yourself and the world around you and soak in the magic. Click BOOK NOW for Gokarna Beach Trek.

PC: Raghav

6. COORG KERALA TREK: If a 23 km walk between two states will not make the flaneurs sit up then I don’t know what will. Look at your home state in an entirely different perspective as you visualise how the scenery changes from two of the largest Western ghats treasures. Instead of an all-weekend-lie-in, prepare for an arduous week ahead through an exciting walk with new friends, including leeches. Click BOOK NOW for Coorg Kerala Trek.

PC: Jolly

7. HAMPI BOULDERING AND HERITAGE TREK: Apart from all the learning that Hampi can offer through rich heritage sites, you can also spend your long weekends through some adventurous rock climbing and bouldering. The popular catchphrase ‘Don’t worry, be Hampi’ is sure to get you immersed in one of the most popular treks in Karnataka. Click BOOK NOW for Hampi Bouldering and Heritage Trek.

PC: Jolly

8. KUNTI BETTA DAY TREK: Do you know that Pandavas during their exile stayed on this beautiful hill which is surrounded by a lake and coconut trees. A wide range of paddy and sugarcane farms are clearly visible from the top. If my Saturday is working I will definitely not miss this place by going there on Sunday. Small boulders on way to the top give a scope of adventure too. Click BOOK NOW for Kunti Betta Day Trek.

So start packing and come back wiser.

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