The wild can fix things. Broken hearts, trembling souls and girls in shambles – it fixed me too. It didn't even have to try.

The rock of Savandurga didn't really do anything. It just stood, holding the universe together.

Remembering the treks of Get Beyond Limits always brings in a checkerboard of emotions. One of the biggest highlights of 2014 was exploring the hidden treasures of eclectic jewels with Get Beyond Limits. On December 31, 2014, I found myself on Asia’s largest monolith.

It was rough on the edges. Sharp scales and convoluted, corrugated grooves on its smooth surfaces. My soles trudged on a serpentine trail, hissing at an exhaustive, long-winding path ahead. At each step, I wondered how I would finish the next few, but after each step I was surprised on how I finished the previous ones.

I felt like a soliloquy, walking amongst many trekkers, each like a colorful candy from the same sweatshop. Their voices clinked together like rough marbles which I drank in as I walked up, dressed in black beneath the white paper-like-sky. The climb was smooth and strengthening, yet tough and trying.

Once on top, it was another planet altogether. Huddled in a fort, lighting candles and promising ourselves of resolutions that we'd keep for the year ( for having made them on a hilltop) was a fresh experience.

I slept with my head, inside the fort, on the shoulders of Vanya, Vignesh and Praharsh, turn by turn, wrapped in the arms of nothingness except for a whispery, silver mist that howled quietly of better days and hopeful tomorrows. The whistling wind reminded me of a bucolic past, but promised me of possibilities. I walked with Ishan on the raw, red earth; thinking of future plans and talking about mis-happenings of 2014. However, nothing seemed to matter.

Standing on Savandurga, I felt like Simba with my locks swaying in the sweet air. Chills ran down my spine now and then as I thought of a scary year ahead, filled with risks and no returns yet Savandurga comforted me with its cozy, cradling lull. As it soon heated I walked back with the troupe and climbed on the rocks despite much ado and whining. It was only when I looked down on the City from a bird's eye-view that I understood the true power and magic that lies within ourselves that can be unleashed when we truly believe in them.

Though the horrible memories of 2014 that blurred the good ones, it was Savandurga which assured me that despite hard times, the year probably wouldn't turn out to be so bad because we will always have Nature to rely on. 

It's one of my darkest and longest nights and I am glad January started that way. I shivered each time I walked up and I am sure that in the treks to come the fear of climbing will not completely disappear, but I know that the only way I can overcome this fear is by trekking more.

So, next stop – Mullayangiri with Get Beyond Limits!

night trek , new year , savandurga