Dear Mountains,

It might be unusual for you to receive a letter from one of the many who visit you to escape the city buzz so shall we do away with the customary “how are you?” (I am actually scared of asking that question because I know that our actions have not allowed you to be well). However, as a traveler who enjoys the immense beauty you offer, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you have given me.

I marvel at your magnanimity that makes me feel like a midget or maybe a speck on this earth. It has taught me to be humble. Though you possess so much power, you do not use it to harm anyone which inspires me to help others no matter what heights I achieve in my life.

You are home to so many species of flora and fauna, I am actually amazed. You nurture them and protect them. It wouldn’t be wrong to call you their mother. You have also given shelter to many among us who guard you with their lives and for some you are even the object of reverence.

Your terrain offers opportunities to challenge ourselves and know our strength and weaknesses. We will never be able to over-reach but we could be friends with the more powerful –you.

You give us the rivers which water most of our plains. You protect us from harsh winds from the North East. You give us clean air (which we are polluting nowadays ofcourse with our intervention). You give us beautiful snow peaks with the sun rising behind them to make it appear gold-like.

We are merely trying to destroy all that by polluting the environment and building many more houses that can be built there. But today, on the World Environment Day, I take it upon myself to tell about it to my friends so that atleast they won’t harm you when they visit you next.

I can never be grateful enough for all the love that you have showered, for the misty hugs that you have embraced me in, for the peace that you have always offered to my confused and irritated mind, for the serenity that soothed the eyes, for giving me fresh air that allowed me to clear my head, for giving me the space to introspect and for always welcoming me with a warm heart whenever I wanted to escape the rut. But I would like to promise to protect you as long as I can.

Yours lovingly,
One among the many (mountain) lovers

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