While choosing a holiday destination we often get confused between a mountain or a beach place. You can also relate to the endless discussions between a group of friends for a beach or a mountain.

Which one would you choose?

Mountains? Why not?

There is so much greenery around. The weather is pleasant. Fewer people around. One can enjoy the peace. 

No! Beaches are much more happening! You can bask in the sun or dive in the sea or go for water sports and then chill with seafood in the shack nearby while the sun sets adding colour to the sky.

Different people have different preferences based on their idea of fun. Those who prefer some quiet alone time, like mountains better. While those who like to have fun with people around them, find beaches better suited to their taste. 

According to a study done by the psychologists of the University of Virginia, extroverts prefer beaches and open spaces whereas introverts tend to like mountains and wooden spaces more. Does that explain your choice too?

Some people like both on different occasions, as is the case with me. When it is hot in the city, I would like to escape to the mountains to get some respite from the heat but in the winter chill, I would prefer to go to the beaches. 

In terms of accessibility, the drive to beaches is usually easy as there are no hairpin bends to give you travelling sickness but the drive to mountains usually gives more picturesque locations to soothe the mind.

Mountains also offer great opportunities to trekking and wildlife enthusiasts to explore their interests. Those who like to capture the flora and fauna through their lens usually steer towards mountains as the landscape suits the frame. But those who like to enjoy basking in the sun, choose to go to beaches. 

Both mountains and beaches offer various adventure sports for those interested in some adrenaline rush. One could go for water rafting, cliff jump, bungee jump and bouldering in the mountains whereas kayaking, surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and parasailing could be experienced in the sea. 

Ishan one of the Co-founders of Get Beyond Limits says that ‘I am a mountain person because every drop of sweat, every climb and all the pain was real to get here. Unlike a beach where I can just take a bus/bike/car to reach’.

On contrary Salwat other Co-founders of Get Beyond Limits feels an inclination towards beaches than mountains at times. He says, ‘oceans are huge and I feel tiny everytime I see the endless water’.

Until sometime back, bonfire and camping was associated with the mountains (where one could simply lie on their back and gaze at the stars) but they are now gaining popularity at the beaches too. So the divide in the idea of fun seems to be thinning nowadays with almost the same kind of facilities at both these places. 

In case you have never seen the snow but are fascinated by it, you would want to hike up to the Himalayas but you would want to go to the beach if you are intrigued by the lighthouse or rides in the speed boat or the sound of the waves.

In the end it boils down to what one wants in life at that moment. The calling from a mountain or a beach is true to reconnect with nature. And reconnecting with nature can be one of the most beautiful things of life which is very much needed in today’s time.

Gokarna Beach Trek is one of the few treks which involves a multiple beaches and small hills too. This maybe a balance for the mountain and beach people.
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