But isn’t that risky? What if something happens?

Don’t worry. In my experience, Get Beyond Limits has taken care of all these problems. 

While a lot of people are interested in trekking, very few are actually able to experience it. Some do not get any company because their friends or cousins are busy and the others are simply unable to find the right people to plan it.

In a fixed departure of Get Beyond Limits, all this get taken care of as you will find like minded people from all walks of life who choose trekking on a weekend just like you. They regularly organize treks in and around Karnataka in the South of India and Himalayas in the North of India. The detailed itinerary is posted by them on their website and their Facebook page from where one can choose the trek that they might be interested in and book it. Many such people from different walks of life book it and then trek together to the place of their choice. This ensures that you no longer have to depend on that friend who is always making excuses or that sister who keeps cancelling plans at the last minute. 

So should I trek solo?

Of course!

But why?

It is an excellent opportunity to meet new people who could become your future trekking buddies or maybe even your bff! Trust me, it is a lot of fun listening to life stories of people who come for treks. Some are quite inspiring too! It is always good to expand your social circle and interact with new like-minded people.

Team building is another thing that one learns while trekking solo with a group of completely unknown people. No trek is complete without helping each other in the team and it is a great skill to acquire. It helps us in our professional life as well where we are working together for improving the performance of our firm.

Trekking solo also enhances people’s confidence by making them push themselves for overcoming challenges thereby making them experience a sense of freedom and independence. It makes them feel empowered. Moreover, it gives ample time for people to simply take in the serene beauty of the surroundings and introspect. Away from the mad buzz in the cities, amidst the calm greenery, people find the much needed peace of mind. It could help clear the mind and grant you a fresh perspective on life. As it is often quoted, “the best view comes after the hardest climb”. So why not give it a shot? Get Beyond Limits takes care of all the planning and bookings for you so that you can relax and remain stress free.

What are you waiting for?

Just check out the upcoming treks and book the one that has been on your bucket list for so long. Make the most of the weekends. After all, we get only 52 weekends in a year!

In case you need any help, we is always there for you!

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