"Who are you? 

- I am someone who can listen to the whispers of the hills."

Trekking!!!! That too night trek. That is an experience one should have at least once in a lifetime. Ask me I will say once in awhile. Mountains, in this case, hills can teach you many important life lessons. Persistence, patience to name a few. It teaches you the goal is always at an arms reach and you should never give up. It lets you experience the joy of achievement. Once on top instead of being arrogant you feel humble. Proud and humbled by the challenge you took and your accomplishment.

An idea at the spur of a moment which was perceived well by my colleagues, let me start looking for trek option around Bangalore. Zeroed in on a trek organized by Get Beyond Limits to Savandurga. Never heard of this place, never been on a trek and no idea what to expect, except the knowledge that you need a good pair of shoes and a jacket. Me and my colleagues Akhila, Syam and Sarun did make sure we have a good pair of shoes to start with. With our bags packed with essentials, we set out to our boarding point, Silk board gate at 11.00 pm on 23rd of Jan. 

The young and like minded people and the enthusiasm inside the bus gave us a promising start. With all the dance and music and the Get Beyond Limits tradition of introduction of all trekkers we reached our destination in no time. What lay in front of us looked like a humble hill, very doable. We could actually see the peak from the trail starting point. All preconceived notions evaporated as soon as the trail started and we hit the steep path of the rocky hill. Oh my!!!, is this how trek a is supposed to be?, shouldn't it be a leisure walk in the forest between shrubs and plants and tress?. Oh right, this is a monolith hill, and it is supposed to be rocky! 

After every 20 to 50 meters our team was all huffs and puffs and yearning to be flat on ground. But not all, few eager and enthusiastic regular trekkers motivated us and made sure we were on our toes to reach the top. My already tortured knee started protesting, and I started worrying about the descend. 
I could imagine me slipping and skipping and rolling down the hill like a log. I kept the worry for later and started concentrating on each and every step I kept on the rock. When we rested in between, the cool breeze and lights from distant villages soothed us. What awaited us on top took our breath away, a beautiful full moon, which made the whole effort priceless.

We reached way before sunrise, so a bonfire, anthakshari and photo sessions kept us busy.

The cool breeze was excruciating but our spirits were high. Anthakshari between Telugu and Hindi team gave us many moments of laughter and kept us entertained.

The foggy morning didn't let us enjoy the sunrise. 6.30 am we went up to the peak point and saw sun playing peak-a-boo among the cloud. Sitting quietly and looking at the valley was something I envisioned, but i got to see only curtains of fog. A little disappointment and then somethings should be left for the next time. 

The organizers had some challenges for the team on our way back. Climbing on top of Mantap and a boulder were those. Way down the hill didn't pose anymore challenges and the view of the hill and the valley and the river mesmerized us on our descend. The much helpful team made the whole trek a good experience. People from different ethnicity and profession and age group acted as one and helped one another to accomplish this difficult task.

Savandurga is 60 km from Bangalore and it consists of two hills that can be called as white hill and black hill. Trekking the black hill requires permission from authorities and is way too hard. White hill is less tedious and that is the hill we climbed.

When you are up there feeling victorious after challenging your body and spirit, we tend to look inside us. A new revelation of who you are and your limits and your strength emerges. The hills let you rediscover yourself and sometimes a new you is born. While standing on the top of the hill and looking at the fog curtain and while accepting those challenges I heard the whisper. 

What do you think the hills will whisper to you if you were there?

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