-20th April 2020

The travel segment is one of the worst-hit sectors hit by COVID 19. Especially, if you love the outdoors you might be missing it, even more, having to be indoors continuously for the right reasons. We understand this feeling & have created 3 vouchers which will save costs for those who know that we will go back to the mountains & the open skies when it is time.

Pay ₹2,899/- Get ₹3,601/-
Pay ₹4,399/- Get ₹5,501/-
Pay ₹7,699/- Get ₹10,001/-

Validity: Lifetime

Since these vouchers have unlimited validity, one can use them whenever they are comfortable to go to the outdoors but they can only buy these vouchers during the lockdown period.

Get Pay Less Get More Vouchers:

14th April 2020

There won't be any outdoor events organized by us till 3rd May 2020 after following orders of lockdown by GOI. We will keep everyone posted on when trekking and camping events will be resumed. Stay safe and happy.

25th Mar 2020

Respecting the lockdown announced by GOI, Get Beyond Limits has extended the stop on all its outdoor events including trekking, camping and corporate team building activities till 14th April 2020. We are closely monitoring the situation and will extend the dates on a separate notice if required.

18th Mar 2020

Tough times don’t last but tough teams do! 

Together we can do it. Only together.

As a human race, we have survived many dark eras and surviving those times makes us believe that we can survive Covid-19 gracefully. 

As an organization, there has been only one thing that we care about during the regular days or the Corona Pandemic days is the safety of people who trust us. We have always followed the philosophy that mountains & beaches will always be there. The safety of people who come with us is more important. As an organization, we are adhering to the principles of social distancing to reduce the spread of Covid 19 virus. 

Our Decision:

For the same reasons, Get Beyond Limits has stopped all its outdoor events including trekking, camping and corporate team building activities till 31st March 2020. We are closely monitoring the situation and will extend the dates on a separate notice if required.

Cancellations & Rescheduling:

When you book with us you become our family not a customer. We are open for rescheduling and cancellation till 31st March 2020 without any extra charge for any of the departures, for any weekend till 31st march, no questions asked. Isn’t it better than airfare rescheduling charges and conditions? Light pun intended. You can email us to for anything regarding cancellation and rescheduling.

What We Want You To Do?

Stay safe, stay indoors. Follow the instructions given by the government and the doctors. Together we will survive Corona Pandemic. Be there for your friends and family. There is a lot of paranoia around the virus, be the source of something positive for some.

Keep working out and eating good food that can increase your immunity. And last but not least, stay away from rumours. Meditate if possible, it can get stressful within the four walls with the not so required discussions about CoronaVirus.

What We Are Doing?

We will maintain the standards of cleanliness as always. In addition, we will also offer lukewarm water for drinking, for example Pathimugam in Kerala is believed to have medicinal properties also cleanses and purifies the blood.

Outdoor will call you again. Stay indoors, stay safe. Thank you for trusting Get Beyond Limits as your outdoor partners since 2014. This is your time to push yourselves and others like you do on mountains against the Corona Pandemic.

You know no limits!

11th Mar 2020

With the wide spread of corona virus there is a lot of confusion regarding trekking during this outbreak. Here are some points from our experience to help you decide if you should be trekking during this outbreak.

1) Impact On Forest Department: The decision of the forest department is final. If they say we can't come, we will respect it under any circumstance.

2) Impact On Trekking Destinations: From what we know, the virus gets killed in temperatures above approximately 25 - 27 degrees. Because it is the onset of the summer season, almost all the places in the western ghats exhibit higher temperatures. With that information, heading to these peaks with higher temperatures seems safe.

- Also, the idea of doing treks or camping events is to get away from the huge crowds of the city and enjoy the isolation. The number of people you encounter on a trekking trail are far less than what we might encounter say while shopping for groceries or going to a supermarket.

3) Impact During Travel Or At The Homestay: The odds of that are the same as encountering someone infected in your day to day lives. We will be capping the group size to around 10 to 15 people per event to further reduce the odds.

4) Impact On Current Homestay & Vehicles Procedures: Hot water will be provided at all of our homestays at all practical times to take bath and maintain personal sanitation.

- All our homestays, helpers, drivers will also take the additional step to maintain the highest level of practically possible sanitation at our homestays and vehicles.

- Warm beverages will be provided by the homestay during the course of the day at along with the meals and other possible times as warm beverages contribute in extinguishing the virus.

5) Impact On Participants & Outdoor Leaders: This goes unsaid that hand sanitizers need to be carried by all participants and even the outdoor leaders.

- For additional safety, we will offer free rescheduling to the participants who are experiencing even the minutest of the symptoms of coronavirus upon producing proof.


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