Do you know that we are the first outdoor company in Karnataka conducting treks which have incorporated COVID guidelines and made its outdoor events under COVID 19 guidelines abiding? Your safety is very important to us. As an organization we want you to reconnect with the outdoors after months of lockdown. Nature has its own power of healing. We are here to make you experience thrilling and have no compromise in safety. We are implementing safety guidelines which we will be proud to be as pioneers in India especially South of India for the outdoor industry.

  1. Social Distancing: It is very hard to digest that trekking was supposed to be a social activity now is required to become a social distancing activity. Each participant should maintain enough distance from each other during the trek. At the same time, we must remember that we are going as a team, not as individuals. Even for group pictures, we would recommend keeping an optimal distance between everyone.

    We are following social distancing even in our transport. Our 12/13 seater and 21/20 seater vehicles will only be taking a maximum capacity of 8 and 14 people respectively including the Outdoor Leaders. You are important to us and that is why we will follow social distancing.

    P.S: A trek is only when successful when we all go as one team and come back as one team even in the difficult times of Covid-19 with social distancing norms.
  2. Sharing may not be caring:  We would like each one of you to carry your own personal water bottle with minimum 2 litres of water and your own tiffin box (for pack lunch if required). If required carry your own blanket for overnight treks in view of the current situation of Covid-19.
  3. Keep Sanitizing: If you feel that you did touch something you should not during the trek then sanitize your hands as soon as possible.
  4. Don’t touch your eyes or face: As guided by WHO we should not touch our eyes or face with hands even if there is a lot of sweat coming out of the face. Start carrying a handkerchief to wipe off dirt or sweat.
  5. Don’t distance yourself from nature: When you come out for trekking you should let get off the fear and enjoy the present moment in the wilderness of mother nature. Nature has its own way of healing stress, making us feel good and adding joy to life. Take it easy on yourself. Don’t be overwhelmed by the new world order. Our idea is to connect with nature and connecting with nature always is always good for human beings.
  6. Face Masks: We feel that you won’t need masks on the trek if you are keeping social distancing. In any case, if you are coming near a group of people, it is better to wear a mask. Keep the masks handy.
  7. Food & Snacks: If you are going for a short day trek or a trek for two to three day we would recommend carrying your snacks at least if not the whole food arrangement. The idea of snacks is to give instant energy with essential micro and macronutrients with it. You can check out ‘And Nothing Else’ for some healthy snack options, (
  8. No Flu: Anyone with any sign of flu including high temperature should not join for an outdoor event. As we said before, you are important to us than anyone else and we will go to any extreme for your safety.
  9. Things to Carry: Desperate times mean desperate measures. A new set of things to carry is required to make sure that your safety is the highest priority irrespective of what will be provided by the organization.

    Face Mask: Needs no explanation
    Personal Sanitizer: Till the time you reach our pickup point, we would like to have your hands sanitized. It is also a good practice of 2020.
    Snacks & Packed Lunch (optional): If you get your own packed lunch we will reimburse you an amount equivalent to that of the lunch.
    Personal Bedsheets and Blankets (for overnight trekking and camping)
    Personal Pen: To sign the disclaimer
  10. No lending of hand: At no point should an Outdoor Leader feel obliged to hold hands of the participant for assistance during the trek. Before Covid-19 holds hands to help the team mates was a common pratice but now things are changed. One can take their own sweet time to cross any barrier on a trek if required. The same pratice is to be followed by everyone. Our idea is to make trekking and camping as much as contactless we can.
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