Covid-19 seems to have not just a health impact but also impact on economics everywhere in the world. Since 2014 we have always put a fair price which can be sustainable for the people coming on board as well as for the team members of the organization. We are trying our best not to increase pricing but we have less control over it because your safety is our priority. In fact, we are investing in the health of all those people who sign up for any trek, camp or effective corporate outings with Get Beyond Limits by adding a healthy COVID proof infrastructure.

  1. Social Distancing: It is a costly affair for the stay as well as the transport. This is to make sure that there your health is always a priority. We will be reducing the maximum number of seats in the transport for maximum social distancing.

    For example our 12/13 seater and 21/20 seater vehicles will only be taking a maximum capacity of 8 and 14 people respectively including the Outdoor Leaders. You are important to us and that is why we will follow social distancing.
  2. Food from highly reliable sources only: Our food will only be provided from brands which are following the food making standards with all safety and precautions.
    For example for Kunti Betta Day Trek, we will be stopping at A2B or any well know restaurant as our preferred lunch partner for the trek.
  3. Sanitization Costs: Our transport team is making sure that all our vehicles are sanitized before we start the trip. You are important to us than anyone else and we will go to any extreme for your safety.
  4. Temperature Check: We will be doing temperature checks for everyone who is getting on board with us. Anyone having high temperature than the prescribed units won’t be allowed to join for the outdoor event as part of the safety protocol by Get Beyond Limits. Even our team members leading the trek will follow the same protocol.
  5. Miscellaneous Things: There will be an overhead cost of gloves, sanitation bottles and whatever is required to keep safety upbeat. All these things are already in high demand and are not available at the good old fair prices.

We are the pioneers to set Covid-19 safety standards for trekking, camping and outdoor activities in South of India. You pay for a thrilling experience we offer with all safety measures. It is easy to stay home for anyone but it is not fair to miss the beautiful outdoors waiting for us.

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