The kind of reviews that I received for my first blog from all the near and dear ones, gave me a high…and here I am again, kicking off my next travelogue. The trek that I’m going to mention about has definitely surpassed all the emotions…happiness, excitement, joy, satisfaction and a bundle of feelings that are indeed inexpressible.  

I have realized that the best way to unwind and relax after the mundane Monday-Friday job is to get lost in nature and its beauty. The amount of satisfaction one gains, sitting literally in the lap of delightful flora, trees, bushes, and the serene, foggy and lush green mountains, is phenomenal. It’s kind of therapeutic. The moment you surrender yourself to the nature, it involuntarily relaxes and rejuvenates your mind, body and to some extent, soul! I would call this, a sort of detoxification… 

A basket full of anxiety and curiosity was already flowing from head-to-toe the moment I started my odyssey to Coorg! It goes without saying that, my mind was already drowned in the ocean of nervousness, as I could picture myself walking, rather climbing up tirelessly to the peak of Tadiandamol. 
Early morning, the rains in Coorg extended a warm welcome to all of us. We had a great time hogging upon some tempting breakfast comprising of the natural and unprocessed honey, with amazing paranthas and the delicious coconut chutney. After devouring upon the delicious food, we started with the most exciting part of the day, trekking to one of the highest peaks in Karnataka. 

The tiny little cute raindrops, which later inevitably transformed into a ‘downpour’ decided to accompany us in this lovely adventure! Without having any option, we had to surrender to this call of the nature… 

It’s undoubtedly exciting as well as challenging to climb up a hill in heavy rains. Nevertheless, it’s definitely worth a try! As I mentioned in my earlier blog, that mountains are mirrors. They reflect upon a lot of things, in general. Hiking always inspires you to reach out for more. It teaches you. It grows you and grows upon you… ☺ 

Exploring outdoors with all new bunch of people is always exciting, as you may actually stumble upon some lovely, vivid and strong personalities. And you end up enlightening yourself! In this trek too, just to name a few, some of the most interesting and fun-loving people I met were our impressive outdoor leaders; Kushagra & Shivashree, the stunning photographer; Vinod, and my lawyer friend; Samartha. It’s surprising as well as captivating to see, how a stranger holds your hand in the most difficult moments of the trek and helps you, pushes you and motivates you to get through your path and conquer the peak. The same person sits with you when you are tired, eats with you when you are hungry, and walks with you matching up to your footsteps, rather going down to your speed so as to help you complete the difficult trail and finally helps you, in conquering yourself! This is the main reason I love exploring places, each time, with the most unknown faces…
Getting back to our beautiful trail, we unearthed the dense tropical rain forests only to discover the army of leeches, who were eagerly waiting for some amazing human blood. Yes, we proved to be the lovely delicacies, happily and completely eaten up by the leeches! After a point of time, I literally surrendered myself to this creepy battalion of leeches! 

We kept walking, strolling through the misty clouds, the rain patches, at times, stopping in between to cease the gorgeous beauty of the mountains. Beautiful, lovely and such-like words are too small to describe the breath-taking view from there. Occasionally, we saw Kush mingling with the chirpy and the musical birds hiding somewhere in the thick jungle. Frankly, their sounds were simply melodious to ears. 

The last stretch of the trek was the most strenuous and exhausting for me. I literally gave up… I remember telling Kush, “this is it for me. I just CANNOT do it…” Shivashree probably heard it, and she told me, “you just need to take baby steps, and you'll be there in no time. Look up, the peak is right in front of you.” I laughed at it and replied, “Where the hell is it? Stop fooling me, you guys…” 

Finally, Kush shouldered the responsibility of dealing with me. He told Shivashree, “You go ahead, I’ll walk her.” He then grabbed my hand, and literally dragged me to the peak. I was in tears, to see the amount of appreciation and encouragement that I received from my fellow trekkers. They really boosted my morale by shouting, ‘Mansi ka tempo high hai…’!  ☺ 

Due to heavy rains, we couldn’t explore the infinity point at the peak. Nonetheless, the successful completion of the trek, by me, in a decent amount of time was remarkable. I was riding high on this achievement. 

While descending to our homestay, Kush and I got lost on our way... I have always believed, that, the real enjoyment is found in the weirdest of the things. For me, that moment of trying to locate the correct direction was too entertaining. While conversing with a localite in broken kannada, Mr. Kush was stressfully trying to understand the way that leads to Nalakand Palace. And I was standing aside, laughing at him. Suddenly from nowhere, two wild dogs appeared. Though I personally love dogs, but these two got behind me. Obviously, relying on the philosophy of ‘tit for tat’, Kush started laughing back at me seeing me struggling with these two dogs! 

The campfire at the homestay was the ‘CHERRY ON THE CAKE’, I believe, that defines it all! The next morning, in spite of running behind the schedule, we were lucky enough to catch the glimpse of the attractive Chelvara Falls before visiting the Bylakuppe monastery. After gobbling up the scrumptious Tibetan food and relishing the best Ginger Honey Lemon Tea at Potala Kitchen we finally started our way back to Bangalore with a bag full of memories and awesome moments to savor upon for days to come! 

This would be one of the most memorable trips I would cherish all my life! From the supremely enthusiastic team, to the overly wonderful trek leads, to the most sweet and helpful localites who served us the hot and appetizing meals, snacks and coffee, or who drove us to and from the homestay, everything was the perfect blend of everything. As always, I would reiterate that Get Beyond Limits is a heartening discovery that I unfurled in this short stay of mine in Bangalore and I have indeed found some genuinely adorable and exhilarating friends who will keep inspiring me for years to come. To conclude, GBL as a team, fits perfectly in the frame of these following lines: 

“In this journey of life, 

All of us aimlessly strive. 

We say, do something that makes you feel alive, 

Dance and jive to these tunes of life. Revive!”

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