Trekking has always been a way for me and my husband to connect with nature. We did solo trekking but this time we decided to experience group trekking and started our research on the internet and find out the website “Get Beyond Limits”, we find their itinerary interesting. We decided to go for 'Kodachadri Trek'. Kodachadri is a mountain peak with dense forest in the Western Ghats, Karnataka. We booked online and started our journey on the evening of 4th may 2018.

When everyone gets boarded or journey started. As we all were strangers to each other and to make ourselves comfortable our outdoor leaders asked us to introduce each other in a very different way. They asked to add food name before our name and then introduce yourself. That was funny. Our overnight journey started and we reached Kodachadri in morning.

After reaching to the homestay, we got freshened up, had our tea, coffee, and breakfast and headed for the trek with the packed lunch and power pack provided by outdoor leaders. After 2.5 kilometres of trekking through the dense forest, we reached a place and it was so beautiful. We saw a small hut and farms and there we had buttermilk and it was so pure and cool, which makes us very energetic. We rested there for a while and move towards our goal.

After a journey of few kilometres, we reached Hidlumane waterfalls. Due to the summer season, the flow of water was less but the view of Hidlumane waterfall was amazing. We couldn't wait for a second to drench into the waterfall. It was relaxing and so fresh that makes our body alive after a long trekking. Everyone was enjoying so much that nobody wanted to get outside from the waterfall. It was an amazing feeling. We spend around 1 hour there and then headed towards the peak.

After waterfall, the trekking was not easier, it was 60 degree trekking in the deep dense forest. We crossed forest, we crossed inclined mountains. Everyone was so tired but all of them were motivated, they had a passion to reach the highest peak. Whenever we got slow, we hear the voice of our outdoor leaders, 'come on guys you can do it. You have to see the beauty of sunset'. Outdoor Leaders were so motivating and full of enthusiasm.

Then we reached to the jungle and had our packed lunch, rested for a while, boost each other and again started our journey. Every time when we were crossing inclined mountain or whenever we find difficulty, we had that image in our mind that we have to see the sunset, we have to make it worth and with this motivation, we were crossing all our hurdles.

The view of clouds in our journey was splendid. No words can describe it. It was incredible. After a while we reached to Mookambika temple, there we had buttermilk, watermelon, cucumber to energize ourselves, From Mookambika temple the peak was around 2 kilometers. We started our journey after few minutes of rest.
There was Mantapa or Sarvajanapeetha Temple between Mookambika temple and peak. Behind Mantapa temple The sun was peeping. Look at the picture below and you will get to know what I'm talking about.

Now here comes the most awaited place. "The Peak" "The Sunset Point". That view, it was so breath taking, amazing, fabulous. We sat there and I know at that point of time, there was one thing which had in everyone's mind, that journey which we started together, that pain we felt together, it all worth it.

We sat there, relaxed, captured memories of sunset and headed toward jeep. Jeep Service was from Mookambika Temple. As soon as we reached Mookambika Temple, our jeep ride started towards our homestay. The bumpy ride in the hilly areas was adventures for all of us. We reached our homestay.  After getting freshened up we had our tea, coffee, snacks and got ready for the campfire. There were people who had experienced the trekking for the first time. They share their experience. We played music and embrace the beauty of the star, dark night and nature. After having dinner, we went to sleep.

Next morning, we headed towards Bangalore after having breakfast. It was difficult to say goodbye to Kodachadri, but we always have to keep moving and with this thought and memories we started our journey back to Bangalore.

On the way to Bangalore, we visited Nagara Fort built during the 18th century. We enjoyed there for an hour, took photos and headed towards Bangalore. As I say, our outdoor leaders were full of enthusiasm that they did not make us bore and we played games, dance and in no time we reach Bangalore. We said goodbye to each other with a promise that we will stay in touch. 19 strangers including outdoor leaders started their journey and they became family. This was possible only because of GBL. If you want to experience such an amazing journey with such an amazing people, I would recommend at least try one trip with GBL and you will never say no to their upcoming trips.


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