Many a times in life, one does not realize the importance of something until it passes us by. The trek was like a new dish made up of bizarre ingredients for me. Imagine. A bowl of banana chocolate chips with a dash of salt topped with caramel whipped cream.  Strange, but exciting. The trek is similar to this. Moreover, if I add some waffles to this concoction, it would be a great combination. The Savandurga night trek was combined with enthusiastic leaders and a fun bunch of trekkers. The variety of age groups was a cake full of cherries.

The journey of the trek was steep and challenging, but when sweat rolls down the face, one feels like “Aaj kuch kiya hai yaar life mein”. And the best part is when one reaches up on the mountain, one thinks “This really wasn’t that tough!” and that should be the attitude towards life too. It is as simple as one thinks it to be. The second prize of reaching up is the black chocolate sky sprinkled with vanilla chips. The stars are absolutely splendid. The vast sky makes one feel larger than one generally feels. It makes one realize how much one can be and how futile the smaller worries in life are. One feels powerful at that height.

A trek is not just an experience but it is a way of realizing things. It is about those little lonely moments with oneself. And when one realizes that 30 people looking up at the sky for that one second are all probably feeling the same, that a certain catharsis has just taken place, one feels connected to the entire universe for that one silent moment. A trek can just be a trek if one wants it to be that, and similarly a life can just be a life. But, it is the magic of the moments that one should really look out for.

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