Hill stations and forests are eternal favorites during all seasons and we needed both to be part of our trek. We a group of 24 People planned to Explore more and making memories to cherish for the lifetime.

So, we opted for the Kodachadri trek through Get Beyond Limits. Kodachadri is located at Shimoga district, Karnataka at 767 km from Chennai (height 1343m from sea level).
The trekking was around 17km but it can be reduced to 10km if we choose the jeep ride while getting down.

We went during peak monsoon in August and it was raining throughout our trip. This (TREK) has a combination of Trekking and mountaineering.

One of our voyager planned perfectly collected money from everyone and booked tickets. On the other side, everybody got their shoes, bags, coats and other things which made them comfortable.

And Yes! Finally, fudgel Friday arrived.

All packed and started from Chennai for our adventurous journey. We took the train from Chennai Central at 3:30 pm and reached Bangalore at 9.30pm. Then the outdoor leaders from GBL Sachin, Anupam and Smitha picked us up in Bangalore, and they gave us an introduction also where each one of us had to introduce themselves. At 6 am in the morning we reached Halimane Homestay at the base of Kodachadri by bus.

(While some of them searching for the restrooms, three freaks including me went to take a bath in nature and wandered(flicked) from the group. After a 2km walk, we found a small stream of icy cold water. We had a fun filled bath and gently returned to homestay.)

After freshening up we had breakfast at homestay and leaving some extra baggage and having packed lunch, some snacks with everyone gathered up for a group picture and then left for the awaited Kodachadri adventure.

While walking down the road, rain started to shower, everyone hurdled for their raincoats to cover, but they didn't know yet more to come. After some time, we have reached the base point of the mountain where the local guide joined with us. He got the permission from the forest department and guided us throughout our trek.

Passing through the cold breeze and the mist unveils the landscape around us, Kodachadri in the monsoon looks straight out of a dream. (and from her stunning views).
Many of us walked through the water channel with the shoes getting wet while a few clever nuts walked through the broken tree on another side. For a while, we were trekking in the evergreen dense forest exploring the greenery and the scenic views.

After some hurdling, we came out on a wide grassland which surrounds us by the beautiful mountains and some more pictures with the voyagers in there.
On our way, we found a small shop situated in the middle of the wide grassland called as "buttermilk point", there some refreshing buttermilk is served while others searching their legs for the leaches which sucking their blood and some others messing together for the cameras.

Later we had a walk on a narrow path take us through a paddy field that leads into a dense forest again where we have to climb the steep.

One of our Voyager hastens others by saying "bega bega bega" right from the start which means fast in Kannada which sounds funny for other voyagers.

We lost ourselves to the beauty around us. Small waterfalls, tree logs, unseen insects, colorful plants and larger trees got us with their world.

We had a walk on the slippery rocks (as it was raining all the way along) to reach most exhilarating heavenly Hidlumane waterfalls. It is surrounded by dense rainforest and the cold water is cascading from the height of 50-60m.

It bounces off the rocks quickly, flows calmly and drops aggressively. The waterfall roars and the droplets tearing us on its journey.

I have seen there a man who played like a 10-year-old boy on the cold water and showing off some hilarious poses for the camera. The path before and around the waterfalls is extremely slippery and hard to climb. Guides and voyagers helped each other in the rough path.

The striking views and the sheer silence not only makes us happy but also giving us the purest air and water we ever had.

And yet we still hear "bega bega bega" from the last.

Last 2km hike which is steep, tests your fitness. But I saw elder generation venturing am sure they were fitter than the current generation. The last part was a bit tiring because the peak appeared to be very near but, there was a long way to go. Some of us are begging their legs for some more steps. And the steep throwing a challenge to the voyagers.

We stood there and starred, So beautiful.

A view from there.....

Just amazing!

What more we can ask for?

All hail the mountains!

The view gets better and better as we hike up. After reaching the peak everyone’s stomach started growling and they were pushing their hand on the snack to fill their tummy.
We had a sneaking step one after one on a narrow path which made everyone a little bit cautious.

After a few more steps we have reached a beautiful lush grassland.

Cooled enough, the droplets from the cloud reaches the grassy land lively. There is still moisture in the clouds passing by, you must get something up there to make it a sweltering. Then the rain just keeps dancing on us.

The snack that we had is not enough for our tummy, so we decided to have our lunch there in the stormy rain. Some groups formed and covered them with what we have and our hands were cold, they struggled to meet our mouth.

We battled the shivering cold and stormy wind there, but the moisture doesn't leave the clouds - that's what 'rainmaking' counts on.

While standing there in the rain, leaches are having the food on us. Some of us removed their shoes and cleared the leaches.

After a time, the clouds moved away and the rain stopped, we started hiking again.

We scrambled up the ridge and as we approached the final stretch to the summit. And then we have reached the path were the jeeps will travel to the top of the mountain from the base.

We had to the follow the same the path to reach the Moogambigai temple in the peak of the mountain. A few huffs and puffs later, we were at the last leg of our climb.
yes, we have reached the peak. Mist covered us there all over.

Sarvagna peetha is further 2 km from here, uphill. As we ran out of time, we opted to take a jeep to the bottom of the hill, this itself is an experience. Hats off to the drivers to drive in that rugged terrain.

After taking shower, we ate pakoda’s with tea and coffee.

It was the time to entertain ourselves. We converted the vast eternity of space in front of the homestay and formed a circle with chairs and started playing some games. By then dinner was served and all of us were set to sleep.

The next day Morning…...

Just imagine 6 am in the morning we were walking on the road covered by trees, small water drops from the heavenly sky falling on us and slowly our legs were dipping in the small water stream.

As we began closer the noise increased and it’s just growling and rumbling on all its way. From the stream, the water really flows like a heavenly shower and it is the cleanest and purest we ever saw.

No one told us the nature bath was this much amazing. That gave them a new meaning to the term comfort nature.

They were like......!

"Seema Feel bro"

I still feel pity for not going down there...!?

And later we ate breakfast and hopped onto the bus to see the Nagara Fort. Initially, it was raining outside many of us not intended to get off the bus. Few of us got down ran into the fort and it is like....

“Heavenly paradise”

In any direction, we turned the entire place was bursting with different shades of green. The rain stopped but the cloud and mist are just around us and the weather is amazing.

Then everyone came we take a group picture there and get back to the bus again.

We are in no mood to leave but every journey must end. And we are back on the highway, heading back to Bangalore. But given a chance, I would love to go back to being in the lap of nature again.

On the bus everyone back to their routines, searching for signal, scrolling newsfeed and their eyes are back on the mobile phones and ears with headphones.

And then suddenly two of us started dancing, then their routines faded and they are back to have fun. one by one had started dancing. And we have reached Bangalore at night, had dinner and by 6 in the morning we reached Chennai.

Its soul-swelling magic of kodachadri followed us all the way home and with us forever.

The journey is the destination.

It’s not often that something comes along with us.

Finally like to wind up by this last note, Thanks to all Voyager’s and their cooperation and involvement. Thanks to the homestay and special thanks to GBL for making this happen and making it in the safe way.

Whenever and wherever our next travel adventure takes us, I know it will be epic.

Let’s hope to explore Himalayas soon…...

Go Team Voyagers………

“Seeeema feel Bro” ………...

There was some open space between what we knew and what we tried to believe, but nothing could be done about it, and if you can't fix it, you've got to stand it.

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