'TREK' this four letter word has been so much into me these days.. I was not at all a so-called Trekking kind off person but steadily I do notice a change which made me see the mountains as not just a stone but as ''beauty that limits to infinity'' , to be amidst the cold breeze and the excitement to touch the clouds.. Loads of changes in me which involve terms like 'stamina' 'desire to walk more n more’..Yes !! It was my first trek sometime back where I had struggled badly to reach the summit and it is me today who then struggles but being happieeee :) Whatte a feeling I would say when I hear the word like 'checkpoint' the toughest consequences which we face while climbing up the hills vanishes away when we just pause for a moment and take a deep breathe... I  have now two different lives is the "" very busy polluted city life'"  other one being "' a peaceful beautiful hilly life'" I have been seeing nightmares for all the thrilling moments we faced !! My Ideology towards trekking has completely transformed.


Get Beyond Limits you were super-duper awesome. It was always with my friends and relatives with whom I have tripped but the experience with persons who were perfect strangers for me was a great one indeed.

Friday night  had to board the Tempo in Silk board and I guess no one would be as nervous the way I was…. kept on murmuring within myself 'I hope i will be able to do'  Introduction among our new friends and got to know about the TEMPO shout... It was around 6am when you see the scenic beauty of chikamaglur... Reached homestay which was a cute cottage shaped..

All set !! @nd had to start the trek in an hour..

Started from ‘Sarpadhari’(serpentine path) which was the start of the trek many twists n turns and your leg aches but the remedy to this is the ‘SUMMIT’ Yes !! The initial 60mins was challenging... Clicking pictures all the way.. taking short breaks for all the energy boosters reached  Checkpoint #1 within 3hours where you find  a small Nandi sculpture and 5mins ahead was a Groovy CAVE... This covers an amazing experience... As the cave becomes narrower as you move on and on... Walked for about 20mins.. The walls of the cave had a classic print.. 

And hence that ends checkpoint #2 .. The final checkpoint #3 was about a 10min trek again from the cave which lets u know that u have conquered Mullayanagiri ...and u notice that you are at the highest point ...everything beneath you !!! 

One can view the entire Western Ghats from the Shiva temple on the top.

Looking back to the path you have trekked through gives an immense pleasure and much more courage.

Everyone in their own world carrying different set of feelings were enjoying being on the top.. Some clicking pictures...some being alone in their thoughts ....
In a while started to descend down to the next destination that was the peace tree where we had to fill the stomach’s.. Had lunch and power naps ..

The weather was at its best !!

Walked down from the point where the trek had started in a pretty good speed from the other side of the mountain...Still had ample amount of time which was recovered by getting wet at DabDabe waterfalls .. which had a ‘To n Fro’ stretch of about 3kms...

Back to homestay…the best Sunset of my life~~​

Campfire ~~ pitching of tent ~~ dinner ~~ high wind zone ~~ a sleep different from our beds~~

End of day 1

BABA BUDANGIRI - Continuing the journey  
Day 2 !! The RIDGE walk... 

Where you had to zip down through the adventurous ridge amidst the wild ..The ridge was very thrilling as you are on a single path having mountains at both its sides, ‘One wrong step’ and you are gone..I bet each and every view you cross is breathtaking. To maintain the group was the most essential part of the ridge walk.. So many helping hands some slipping through the rocks ...You get see few unforgettable glimpses of nature, got an opportunity to see couple of deers (Sambar) not that lucky to face the tigers n lions :P The feeling of visualizing the ‘horizon’ is indeed like resembling a dream..

The entire terrain was very beautiful and eyes were totally capturing the clouds...walked down the ridge for about 8 kms ending at the Manikyadhara falls. 

In a nutshell the experience was worth cherishing and gives a proud feeling when you share your sheer joy and challenges the very next day with your colleagues n friends and I would say I left no chance of being beyond the limits now !!!! 

Thank You Salwat and Team for helping us experiencing this thrilling and fabulous trek and the concept of go green and not to litter was the best.
P.S. All the images are mobile clicked !!

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