After a memorable trek to Kodachadri previous day, we all pack our backpacks and finish our breakfast quickly.  We bid adieu to the people at homestay, board the bus and start towards Bengaluru.

We reached Bengaluru on Sunday night around 8.30-9 PM and had to report back to work on Monday.

Monday is usually described as the most difficult day of the week. Monday blues are common for the working class who usually go out with friends and family during weekends. Monday blues are common for students who return to schools and colleges after spending a day at home with family.

But, when it comes to trekkers, Monday blues are replaced by trek lags.

The stunning views of Kodachadri, the floating clouds, the gushing winds, the cool breeze, the spectacular Hidlumane falls, the beautiful Nagara Fort, the chirping birds, the buzzing insects, the meadows, steep path, the sunset, the beautiful moon, the warm-hearted people at homestay, lovely people I trekked with, the delicious Chitranna of the homestay, thirst quenching buttermilk at Battrumane!! Whoaaaa!! What an amazing weekend it was!! 

These wonderful moments kept flashing in front of my eyes.

How could I have Monday Blues after energy filled lovely trek?  I was in a trek lag phase. 

Yes, trek lag is one of the beautiful phases every trekker goes through.

  1. Once you are back to work, you are no more the older version of yourself. There is a transformation. There are changes you can notice are: 
  2. You feel refreshed and more energetic.
  3. You would have stopped cribbing about your work (only if you were cribbing about it earlier). 
  4. You would now wear a never-stopping smile on your face. 
  5. You would feel a sense of achievement. You would feel good about yourself.
  6. You would be more approachable to your co-workers. You would be willing to help them. The perspective you look at your job would have changed.
  7. You feel you are ready to accept more challenges. You now have a motivation from an unknown, unseen source. 
  8. You start feeling proud as all your colleagues start surrounding you at your desk to listen your trek experience. You would have already shared your experience with your parents and/or siblings, with your best friends, with endless groups on various social media. But the feel of sharing this with your colleagues is something different and truly amazing.
  9. However, the pain of the trek lag phase is that you miss the mountains, the sunsets, the streams, the bonfire, the stars and more importantly you miss yourself yet again. 

Have you guys experienced the trek lag phase? If yes, are you ready for another trek lag?

Also, why don’t you bring your colleagues for a trek this time? A Team Trek Lag sounds great!!

If you haven’t experienced a trek lag, come trek with GBL and be a part of our family and experience the trek lag.

Click on to know about our upcoming trekking and camping schedules.

Remember, Know no Limits!

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