Hey guys!! How has your weekend been? Are you just back from another challenging trek? Are you enjoying the trek lag phase?

Well, the word trek lag reminds me of stunning views, challenging paths, lovely people I have met and also me within me I always reveal or meet during treks.

Today as my thoughts wander around the treks I have been to. I remember a few incidents which are funny and also thought provoking. All of these incidents include the most integral part of the treks, the outdoor leaders and local guides. Let me share them here with you from my trek diaries.

The early morning rays of the Sun greeted us as we started trekking.

Our guide Sri, a passionate trekker, would patiently wait for us and altered his pace to match ours. This was one of my personal treks not with Get Beyond Limits. 

As it was monsoon, leeches’ favourite season, we were asked to be careful. Also, he told us that leech bites weren’t really painful and they just suck a few drops of blood and slip off our bodies.

The first leech bite I witnessed was during this trek and Sri’s statement (leech bites aren’t really painful) seemed a lie. I could see people screaming and jumping in pain (which looked very funny). 

Later I saw a blog by Get Beyond Limits about ‘leeches.’ Click here to read it. This blog has all information about the leeches. Leeches are part of monsoon treks in Western Ghats of Karnataka and being aware of how to deal with it makes us enjoy the trek too.

However, the thought of leeches did not fade away easily. I started to Google about leeches. I then learnt that these tiny creatures play an important role in the environment. They should not be killed using fire or salt. Killing leeches brings an imbalance in the environment. There are ways to avoid leech bites and also ways to free yourself when they get on to your body without killing them.

Just a random thought, there are people who irritate and test your patience and  make your daily life tough, when you can ignore such people and move on, why kill these little creatures just for sucking a few drops of blood. After all, leeches are not that bad you see!

A trekkers’ paradise is what I call Kodachadri as. The Jasmine of the Hills trail is said to be the favourite trail for most of the trekkers.

The path get a little steep in a few places.

I had difficulty in trekking the steep path as my knees started hurting. Prashanth, our outdoor leader, helped me trek the steep trail. As each step became painful, Prashanth, who was calm and composed, kept on motivating me.

He would often tell we were just a few steps away from the next point. I still remember him telling another 2 minutes of walk, we will reach the tree you see there. It is the point where we usually rest for few minutes before continuing the trek.

But, in reality, 2 minutes was more than 20 minutes. 

How would I conquer the peak if Prashanth had not motivated me with his words? I wouldn’t have challenged myself or realised my potential without Outdoor Leader like Prashanth.

Gokarna Beach Trek is one of the spectacular treks. The trek along the coastal line is rejuvenating. The beauty and serenity of the trek is always spoken about by every guide and outdoor leader. Along with the beauty and serenity of the trek, I am sure all the leaders advice to carry enough drinking water and hats/caps with you. Thanks to Neha and Anitha for mentally preparing us to the trek.

The trek can get challenging due to the humid conditions. The fact is that the trek dehydrates a person quickly and continuously. 

But, the dehydration vanishes and fills you with energy as you play with the waves, as you look straight into the horizon, as you witness the beautiful sunset and gorgeous moonrise.

What would a trekker’s life be without these guides and outdoor leaders who make treks look simpler and beautiful? When I look back today, the leech bites, the steep trails or hurting knees, dehydration and tanned skin doesn’t matter.

All I can remember is the beautiful views, the floating clouds, the stunning sunsets, the amazing people I have met, happy trekking and do you need any help greets. 

The lies told during the treks are just to keep the trekker motivated and help them conquer the peak. They just help us transform ourselves. They help us forget what we do in a city for our living. They help us realise our potential. Through bruising/hurting ourselves, we realise that we have the power to heal ourselves. Tanned skin reminds us we still look beautiful.

Let us take a moment and thank all the guides and outdoor leaders who help us transform ourselves. A hats -off to their patience as they adjust their pace to match the trekkers’ pace. Kudos to their energy as they carry trekker’s backpacks. 
 A tribute to these unsung heroes- our guides and outdoor leaders!!

When you are with GBL, you need not worry about the leech bites, steep trails or dehydration. They help you with instructions and tips on how to manage these conditions. Also, our local guides and outdoor leaders are always there to help you out on the treks. 

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