We live in a world full of beauty, charm and adventure. Trekking is one of the ways to experience those. In your life, where all can you make friends? School, college, neighbour, workplace, online and few friends here and there. Have you ever given a thought about trek friends?

When we checked with few people that what does trekking mean to them, answers that we got was ‘It is a chance to grow our bond stronger’, ‘it is the company that I enjoy the most’, ‘it is making memories with the person you love’. We were amazed by the answers. Yes it is true that Trekking is one of the best medicine to refresh our soul but what also matters is the company. How would you feel when you trek one of the highest peaks yet with the wrong company? You would obviously be happy that you conquered another mountain by trekking but you would be cribbing about the company.

How do you find the right trek friend when you travel alone?

First of all, the perfect trek friend is not to be found! The whole thing of going on a trek alone with the travellers you do not know is indeed that you take the risk of ‘Unknown’. Personalities interact in a complex way and everyone has faults. It is not necessarily important that a person who have same habits as your’s become a good trek friend. You might not find the person who has same interest as your’s but when you start appreciating their interest, you will enjoy their company. Start concentrating on the positive sides of a person rather on negatives. Every traveller must experience solo travelling with unknown people at least once as it is a different experience overall. If you are giving it a thought right now, Get beyond limits is always there to put your plans into action.

How do you become a good trek friend?

Controlling: If you want everything be as you plan, regardless of how other person might feel is a bad sign for the trek. If you are planning something ahead make sure that the other person is also comfortable and pleased with the plan. Do not force or be bossy about anything.

Sense of humour: If you are a person who has good sense of humour, then it’s a plus point. There is none in the world who doesn’t want to laugh. Keep other person lively by making them laugh. It is also important that you enjoy when your trek friend cracks joke and laugh it off with them. When the trek ends, all you are going to remember is laughing like lunatics!!

Motivation: On a trek, a situation might occur where your trek friend doesn’t want to continue because of the tiredness. It is your duty to motivate them and get them to the peak to enjoy the thrill with you. Isn’t it just a little push towards the conquering that everyone needs when they feel like giving up?

Mistakes: Do not hurt your trek friend in any way on a trek. Be it emotionally or mentally. Because mistakes cannot be forgiven when you travel together. Nobody will ever forget the memories of travelling. That applies to both good and bad.

Listen: Few people concentrate only on talking and lack at listening. Listening is as important as talking. When your trek friend is telling you something about themselves or their interests or their goals, listen to them. Not just pretend but do listen to them. It makes a person feel special when someone actually listens to them.

Helpful: Lot of things might go wrong while trekking. It is not always everything goes according to your plan. Be it weather, health, time or distance, whatever the reason may be, try to help your trek friend as much as possible. After all, good memories are the ones which makes the trekking its best.
It is not just trekking. There is something beyond it. The bond that you build which might long for lifetime and the memories that you want to seal it in your heart forever. All this comes from a good company while your paths are same leading towards the thrill that you are looking for. Not every good friend can become a trek friend but every trek friend can become a good friend. You can become one too and now you know it how.

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