What makes you choose trekking? Is it because it helps you find yourself? Or because it challenges you? Or is it the connection that you build on the way with nature and people? Whatever your reason may be but it is agreeable that trekking is pure bliss.

This is a story of a first time trekker who always had a doubt ‘Why do people trek? What does one fetch from it?’ And the answer was found and the trekker does not want to stop trekking anymore.

Working till the last minute of logout from office, packing in hurry, saying goodbyes to family and friends, me and my friends managed to reach the boarding point on time. When we boarded the bus arranged by GBL to pick us up, all we could see was strange faces which did not last for even a minute. As soon as everyone boarded the bus, our Outdoor Leaders asked us to introduce ourselves to the troop not just the casual way with where we are born and brought up and where are we working. But it was something different where we had to introduce ourselves with an adjective before our name and we are addressed by that name for whole of the trek. Within minutes we were all comfortable with each other talking and sipping tea where we took pit-stop. We rested for a while in the bus and woke up to the sunrise in Kodachadri.

We checked in to homestay and got freshened up. We had coffee, breakfast and got ready to trek along with packed lunch and power pack provided by Outdoor Leaders. After 2.5kms of walk from the homestay, we entered dense forest. After trekking for a while, we got to see the farm and a small hut where we were served with much awaited cool buttermilk which made us feel energetic and relaxed. After relaxing there for a while, we visited Hidlumane Waterfalls which is nothing but heaven. As we were drenched in sweat, we literally dived into the falls. Cool, fresh water soaking our bodies made us feel alive.

After enjoying there for 40 minutes, we had to trek steeps in dense forest. And I have tell you marking in bold letters that our outdoor leaders were fun, entertaining, motivational, cheerful and responsible. They never made anyone of us feel alone. Engaging everyone of us in conversation and motivating us to cross the steeps when we were about to give up and also entertaining us in one or the other way, also by describing the view from the top, they made us cross the challenging inclined mountains in no time.

We had our power pack and went inside the jungle to have our packed lunch. Once crossing another steepy hill, we had lime juice and boosted ourselves for the sunset that we were eagerly waiting for. We trekked last 4kms as fast as we could as we were all set to enjoy the view from top. The happiness that you feel when you reach the peak cannot be described in words. The music in the background that we were playing in our phones, clouds passing through us, that sunset, these people – everything around made us remember how blessed we are to watch this today together.

Once we came down to jeep stand by climbing down for 2kms near Mookambika Temple, we took a jeep ride towards homestay. The bumpy ride in the hilly,muddy roads of Kodachadri with awesome Music in the jeep made us want this ride to be never ending.

We reached homestay and got freshened up to have coffee and snacks getting ready for the campfire. We shared our experience of trekking with everyone describing every bit of the trek and bonding that we had developed just in a day. As we had stargazers in our trek family, we slept outside the homestay stargazing whole night and embracing the beauty of darkness.

We woke up the next morning and took a walk nearby. Once we returned back, we all got ready, had mouth-watering breakfast and bid goodbye to Kodachadri. On the way we visited Nagara Fort built in stone masonry with retaining walls running around. After enjoying the cool breeze at the fort, we headed towards Bangalore.
We were dancing and playing games all the way which made us feel ‘how did we reach Bangalore so soon’.

Yes we became strangers to family in just couple of days by making memories together and cherishing those moments is my favourite thing to do now. We said each other goodbyes with heavy heart and promised to stay in touch. If you also want to experience this satisfaction, contentment that we are feeling now, book your next trek with GBL and you will see it by yourself.

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