These are the days everyone loves to Travel. Be it you are a college student looking forward to make memories with your friends or a 9 to 5 job employee seeking for relaxation or a family that needs a getaway from all the day to day commitments. Whatever the reason may be, travelling is something that helps you find yourself and makes you realize that life is beautiful.

What comes to your mind as soon as someone says 'Let us plan for a trip'? Yes it is packing. Choosing the right rucksack is very important for hastle free travelling. So here are few tips:

Quality: Check the quality of the rucksack before buying. You never know when you might get a chance to pack your bag for 5 days so better be ready with a rucksack which can help you carry much weight and does not tear off. Observe the sewing and thread material used for the bag.

Material: Ultra-strong Nylon or Polyester are the materials suggested for the rucksack as it is durable. Fabrics like canvas are also useful for a long run but it is not recommendable as the material is heavier.

Size: Rucksacks come in different sizes like 40, 50, 60,70,80,90 Litres which has capacity of 8 to 13KGs. 40-50 L rucksack may suffice for a weekend trek. A trek up that’s around five days long can be done with a 60 L backpack. Expedition treks that are more than a week long will require you to carry more load. Hence, they require more durable backpacks that can carry extra heavy loads. Expedition Backpacks come in various sizes of 70, 80, 90 L and can carry loads from 15 to 30 kg. Go for light frame backpacks for short and easy treks. For long and difficult treks, go for durable backpacks.

Height: Rucksacks are manufactured in different sizes based on different size of body . Measuring tape is needed in order to start with this. The point where your shoulder meets your neck is called Vertebra. Ask someone to measure from vertebra till your hipbone and make a note of the measurement. This is the torso length according to which you have to buy the Rucksack.

Width of straps: The shoulder straps of the rucksack should be wider because wider the straps, less the weight you feel as the pressure is distributed. Rucksack which has adjustable and padded shoulder straps are comfortable and easy to carry.

Waterproof: There might be days when you decide to travel on rainy days or to the places where rain is the beauty of that place. In those cases, waterproof rucksacks are helpful. If you do not find waterproof rucksack or if you have already bought a rucksack which is not waterproof, then the alternative is waterproof rucksack covers which you can use only when it rains.

Colour: If you are a person who wants to stand out from the crowd, you will have to choose dark colours like red, blue or yellow which will convey to people that you are a tourist. If you are a person who does not like attention, then common colors like black, brown or grey would do. If you are confused Black is always your saviour. Light colours are not recommended as they are not durable to dirt.

Hip belts: Padded hip belts which are adjustable are recommended as the weight is distributed to hips and leg muscles rather than shifting whole weight on to the back and shoulders.

Zippers: Thick and high quality zippers are very important for the rucksack. You do not want to be in a situation where you are done with packing, carry it for a while and zipper comes off right?

Compartments: In addition to the main compartment, rucksack should also have the following compartments:
  • Water bottle compartment.
  • Two side pockets.
  • One small zip pocket on the top to place few stuffs handy.
  • Internal pockets.
  • Camera compartment.
  • Padded Laptop compartment which is needed if you are on a business trip.
  • Shoe compartment.
I hope you are all set to buy a new rucksack. Happy travelling!

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