Where it is?

Kuduremukha or Kudremukh is a mountain range located in Chikkamagaluru district, Karnataka, India. It is also a small hill station cum mining town situated near the mountain, about 48 kilometres from Karkala and around 20 kilometres from Kalasa, and 335 kilometres from Bangalore.

Starting from Bangalore, we didn’t imagine what a day it was going to be the next day at the Kudremukh trek! All we knew was the Kudremukh trek distance was 21km, to and fro, with some super-awesome experience is waiting.

My co-trekkers

It was a good start with an interactive session with all the other in our group. According to our trek guide, named Jolly, Kudremukh has also topped his list of best treks!

My Experience:

Our travel with the van from Banglore ended at Balegal, from there we took jeeps to reach our homestay at Mullodi. The temperature there at that time around 4:30 AM was around 10°-15°C, chilling our body through the jerkins we were wearing. We reached our homestay, refreshed, had breakfast with tea, and then started the trek.

We were checked for plastics at the Kudremukh forest department office first. It’s actually better to take no plastic, that we can save the forests from plastics.

Now starting the trek at around 7:00 AM, we started walking into the Kudremukh National park’s forest area. It was a mixture of both hiking and trekking. The path was filled with water streams, Plains, grasslands, jungles, and inclined hills.

My most favourite part was the water streams and the forests raised around them. The best thing was that I felt like a forest tribe, into the forests with no network or social life other than your own fellow mates of the Kudremukh trek.

Getting into the Kudremukh forests, it is a total off-city place far away from every city culture including the network. The trek starts from the forest department office near the home stay.

First, it was very small inclinations with a water stream parallelly coming with us. After some hike, we would come to cross the same water stream, which will give you an amazing feeling of contentment.

As you continue back on track to the peak you can see the peak from there, and that you will never believe that you will be reaching there in around 5 hours which some 3 mountains away! All through the way, nature will never lack peace and serenity.

You’ll get to see around 13-15 water streams and the forest surrounding it because of this reason of plants get dense where water is abundant. Out of those 13, around 3 streams are pure and drinkable that you can refill your bottle with the sweetness of nature.

Then comes the hardest part of the trek, the mountains and its inclinations marking the start of the real trek. After crossing all the mountains you get to reach the peak, I just finished it in one line but you will have a great experience that you can get only on backpacking.

At the peak, have lunch, packed from homestay, at 1894 metres above the ground with the company of ever running clouds with its moisture and chillness. With a view of the western ghats, the lush green mountains, the forests and its water streams, with the experience of 1o km trek.

Now getting back down you have to start early, as you have to reach the base before it gets dark, as you will get lost once it gets dark into the forests. Climbing down the mountains is as hard as climbing them up. Slowly and steadily you will have to climb down simultaneously storing memories of all the picturesque views. In all these never forget to socialize yourself with all your trekmates to make the trip more beautifull.

The next day you can go to the Somavati river near the homestay. This will refresh you from all the tiredness of the 21kms and 11hours of trekking, with its ice chill water straight from nature. You can never get the refreshment that waterfalls and rivers give anywhere else! So, never miss it at any cause.


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