Mountains teach us a lot! The more you trek you’ll realize it for yourself. Some virtues which you may or may not lack in a human being. These virtues cannot be taught by even the closest of people sometimes, but by our very own mother nature. The amount of gratitude nature has is just unmatchable!

Dream big

I may not know you, what your stress is all about, but you should always dream big. The first step of achieving anything you want in life is thinking about it and striving for it to be a reality. And yes, mountains do teach us that! If you are a habitual trekker, you know for a fact that your first trek was the most memorable, yet the most difficult one. But how did all start? Someone must have told you what an amazing feeling it is to be up there. Or, you felt like giving it a try. However it started, the first thing you did was thought about it for a long while till it didn’t let you sleep. As famously said by our former president, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, that, “dream is not what you see in your sleep, but something that doesn’t let you sleep”.

Silence is the best sound

Most of the people in the developed city, are never away from the daily chaos of city life. This reminds of a dialogue in the commercial of Revital: “Bhag Daud wali Zindagi, thakna mana hai.” (In this hectic life, getting tired is not an option). But I want to say, get tired but don’t sit on the couch to seek some peace. Rather trekking will make you feel alive than you ever have. Silence is the sweetest sound in this entire world, try to listen and cherish while you can on the mountains and feel the bliss.

Ignore everything but observe everything

Always remember that, mountains ignore almost everything but observe everything. Likewise, for us it is not compulsory for us to win all the battles in life. Try to let go off certain things which will ultimately end in mental breakdown. I know it’s easy to give advice, but more difficult to make it happen. But this life is all about.

Always take the road less travelled

And don't be afraid while doing that. Routes where you feel lost at the moment will lead to a beautiful destination you never thought existed. Believe in yourself: It's absolutely okay not to have a plan for everything. Give equal importance to the journey and the destination. You may face hurdles in the future, but ultimately it’ll be a beautiful journey along with the trails!

Live in the moment

Don’t worry about the future, even if you’re 18 or 80. It may sound unreal but having things planned can create chaos in your lives. Like if you have a daily routine also, you tend to not concentrate on what is on your plate right now. For example, when you sit for lunchtime, you may be thinking about the work out which is scheduled for the evening. Live in the present, neither the past nor the future. And mountains lets you experiencing the present, while you halt for a moment to catch a breather, and look up, you find the beautiful Earth looking back at you!

If you do not believe or trekked already and experienced neither of the things, I recommend you to observe closer next time and not only concentrate on creating a kickass instagram post while trekking, but create memories, which you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

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