After much coaxing, I was convinced to join on a night trek to Ramnagara. Yes, it is an easy terrain but the experience of the night trek was priceless. It was that break helped me calm my mind from the monotonous life.

Initially, my friend Sushma and I found the whole trek silly but the idea of the night trek sounded new and we plunged in.
The journey through the insides of Mysore Road was beautiful, more like a night safari, when everyone looked out of the window with widened eyes pinning their ears to the window to see and hear anything which would come by.

We started with the climb to Revanasiddeshwara Betta which is situated among the huge boulders. The climb was more fun because of the darkness of the eerie night. There is a steep fleet of stairs halfway through which you realise that your legs cannot take you any further. The view of the lone lights from the top was a magnificent view. After feeling the cool breeze on our sweaty faces for a while; we started getting down the stairs.

A few minutes away from there, is Ramadevara Betta which is almost right behind “Hill View Resort”. Again, there is a large fleet of stairs which takes us to the beautiful top flat-land. We were welcomed by surprising grassland between the rocks.

The cool breeze with lightly splashing raindrops and the red, cloudy sky was a sight to the eyes. We were given sleeping bags for the night. Sleeping under the cloudy sky with a small pond besides, small droplets of occasional rain- it was a wonderful feeling with no right words to define it. Having to sleep on the huge rock under the sky was magical yet relaxing.

It was a short nap and woke up to a rising sun, peering through the clouds in the fog-filled environment.

The view was mind-blowing. Every fog-capped rock was a scenic beauty. The trek down was much tiresome compared to the trek up. In fact, it would be right to call it hiking than a trek since there were not many terrains involved but the nature’s beauty was worth everything though it was a short one.

I thank Sushma Gowda for joining me on this wonderful experience.

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