The mesmerizing sun can bless you for a while, rain may baptise you with the essence of nature, it can get cold at night, everything that you see on the journey is worth the pain, for beauty needs struggle, only strong can survive the pain and is just a state of mind. Whenever you feel like giving up on a trek ask yourself why you started it. You always wanted your body and soul to be connected with nature, it is your time to stand ahead and walk consistently. For when you will be back home you will regret giving up. The never giving attitude is what will change your life than. A new dimension where you are powerful will slit the weakness. It is the mind that is the most powerful tool we have. 

It is very important to stay motivated on the trek, this is why you are here, going back without winning is not what you want. I can sum up some of the tips are based on my own experience blessed by the mighty mountains.

If you are not a loner, than don't be a loner-hiker. Surround yourself with positive people. It is also an experience to know people and know yourself too. The more you mingle with people the less you will mingle with trouble. Always stay in a healthy environment. The people that you surround around yourself reflect who you are.

It can a be a silly mistake, misplacing raincoat on the way, getting the wrong pair of gloves, and the worst I ever faced was using the wrong shoe. The only option that we have is to learn from mistakes that are committed on the trek, no doubt in our lives too, for next time it will be more peaceful. Even the born hikers keep learning everyday. 

Some quit because they are too focused on destination and destination will take the required amount of time, each breath is going to be a new experience, Don't be stressed with the destination, this is a beautiful journey. It is not just the destination but the journey also that makes a difference. Make small goals to reach the camp, small victories will mean many celebrations. For Vivian Greene once said, "Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass...
It's about learning how to dance in the rain."

Mountains are not meant for race. Take time to capture moments in your camera, you feel proud of yourself when you  rewind your trek album. The unseen cold wave, the shining sun right on your forehead, you can barely open your eyes and that night which scared you most will be reflected in the photographs captured. It is a memento for all the struggle you did and you won by not giving up. All those faces in part of your journey will make you feel powerful even after a decade.

Food has been a motivational factor for many trekkers, small surprise meals by us do make a difference in lifting their energy. Keep small chocolates in your pocket, make small destination points to eat. There is one thing you need to remember overeating can be an open invitation for many problems. Eat Small Eat More Walk More Stop Less.

It is all a physical as well as a mental activity with a closeness to the nature to keep the body and the mind in appropriate sound conditions can be fun, with the right attitude. Your strength will now be calculated and nobody can judge you, it is the will to not give up. Mountain can be a mirror to who you are, the attitude you carry for life is what will be reflected on mountains. This is an opportunity for you to be in the process of cleansing, replace all the negative energy with the powerful vibrations of the majestic peaks. All those twists and turns, the moment you feel like giving up, 'Will You', this is what makes a difference. 

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