The Great Himalayas have been a place of adventure, spirituality and mystery. With booming economy of our country, we have seen an exponential rise in the number of Himalayan Treks happening each year. Each Himalayan Trek is known for a particular season of the year. The Himalayan Winter Treks have been traditionally known as a trekking destination during the months of Dec to Feb. Snowfall and snow-trek is one of the things that attract most of the trekkers from all over the world to do this particular trek during winters.

We have a different philosophy of trekking during any season. We believe that a place goes through a lot of seasonal changes and each season has got its own value in terms of beauty and difficulty. It will be very unfair for us as a responsible organization to promote seasonal based treks when they are breathtakingly beautiful throughout the year which indirectly makes the economy of the region prosperous.

Our team studied Brahamatal Apline Lakes Trek, Kedarkantha Trek and Chandrashila Deoriatal Trek throughout the winter season (Dec - Feb) and concluded that the above Himalayan Trekking destinations are completely different during the ongoing summer season. As a moral responsibility we don’t want to create an extremity of a season for a particular trek when it can be done gracefully with all safety during other time of the year too.

Our team has given out the following reasons for you to make it to the summer treks this season:

1) Moderate Temperature:

We won’t judge you if you don’t love the ice cold water that comes as a part of mountains during winter season. Getting out of the tent can be of the hardest thing due to cold. The beauty of snow comes with a cost to it. The cost is nothing but a will to Get Beyond Limits.  
The Himalayas have a moderate temperature range to a certain altitude as compared to winter season. This makes trekking quite pleasant.

2) Summers without Air Conditioning:

Our beautiful country India can be as hot as 50°C during summers. This leaves us with an option to either turn on our A/C inside the concrete walls or start living for few days on the meadows. You might be wondering what is benefit of living on meadows for few days when we have to come back inside the concrete walls. Well, mountains have been a place for saints, philosophers and even Gods. A visit to a mountain is quite sacred in some philosophies and makes you a better person at the end of the day.

3) Blooming Flowers and Green Meadows:

You don’t have to go to Switzerland to experience the flowers wide across the horizon with a base of green beds. All this is here in the beautiful Himalayas a click away. The spring season has its own charm and a poetry imbibed with it. The divine sun melts the snow and the grass starts turning green from brown. The flowers are a habitat for honey bees, butterflies and many insects. There is a sound that one might hear during the night and legends say that even Gods dance with the start of summer season. 

4) Cloudless Summit Views:

Rains and clouds go hand in hand. A summit on a clear sky night will be a historical in your personal lives. A summit not only gives a vision for the next trek but also reflects the hard-work done to reach here. Give yourself a applause and move on to the next trek.

5) Formation of River Streams:

Himalaya is a source of fresh water to more than 1.4 Billion of population of the world which includes a majority of India and China. Fresh water is produced with ongoing melting of snow and ice from the mountains. It is only the summer when snow melting happens. You can even experience glacier melting during summer season which in-turn fills our rivers.

6) Get Your Kids Along:

It is summer time when kids get an off from school for good 2 months. This is the time when you can start their mountain journey too. The legends of early mountaineers believe that climbing a mountain makes your heart strong with the right wisdom. A mountain is a school of life where you learn without being judged to score more. This is the place which will make our kids a better human being which we all dream of. Truly a nation build on mountains.

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