Out in the blue sky there lies a huge hill made up of boulders. This place known to few is called as Durga Hill which gives a unfurl view of Kolar City. A mysterious lake on the hilltop surrounded by trails which pass through the connected seven hills under the deep blue sky. Antaragange is a holy place in close proximity with Durga Hill which makes it one of the reasons to climb this beautiful piece of heaven. This region is famous for the caves that are formed due to the gaps between the huge boulders. On the way to the top one can find certain caves of different depths here. The adrenaline rush while going up pumping into the heart of the beloved embarking a journey which means victory of the inner self. This place is different in comparison with other weekend getaways of Bangalore. We will tell you why you should make it to the top Durga Hill.

Kolar city is just 70 kms from Bangalore. It takes 90mins to reach the base of Durga Hill from Bangalore and can be returned on the same day. Moreover a cycling trip to this adventure world add to the thrill with the moment of the place.

Durga Hill is made up of huge boulders. To reach the top of the hill one has to trek on these boulders. There are different bouldering routes from the easy ones to the difficult ones which makes it one of the best destinations in Bangalore for short getaways. For amateurs it is an ideal place to learn bouldering and for the more adventurous ones they can choose the route from where they can jump from one boulder to another and climb the hill that way. A bouldering enthusiast can come here with the gear and climb the toughest route. A thrill that one will never regret.

Each time we go there we have witnessed the adrenaline rush pumped in the blood. For Vignesh an advent adventure enthusiast, adrenaline is an addiction and Durga Hill is where he satisfies the thirst. 'I will come back here again', says Vignesh passing the hurdles with curious eyes to explore more for his thirst. All our trekkers have witnessed something in the inner self when you cross the hurdles and live with the adrenaline flavored life.

Antaragange is a known place for its mysterious flow of water from a bull in the temple premises but on other hand Durga Hill which is ones of the hills in the same region is known to a few for unknown reasons. The foothills are beautiful with a cherishing village, paddy and sunflower fields too. Sahil, a Software Engineer from Goa living all the adventure in Bangalore, says 'I love this place for it has got no noise, the fresh breeze of air, clouds passing your head and a challenge that makes you Get Beyond Limits'. The air is refreshing for those who live in a big city and can understand the meaning of fresh breeze and the refreshing wave of air passing around.

Each step that you will take here will be a challenge to pursue. A dream that most of us visualise can be pursued over here by gaining the confidence after being on top of this vicious hill made up of these huge rocks. We have met people who used to have the fear of heights before they knew that it can be conquered on this vigilant Durga Hill. The body balances its way on the rocks which in turn changes the whole identity of a person after the completion of the Antaragange and Durga Hill Trekking Challenge. You not only become physically fit but a way more mentally fit for the life ahead. Challenge yourself and be the change that you want to see.

Imagine a mysterious lake on a hill top with reflections of the white and dark clouds passing by and on the other end a new valley of lush green flora. There will be moments where you can click your team mates jumping in the air from one boulder to other boulder. A world where you find insects of wide ranges and beautiful paddy and sunflower fields. Swapnil a born trekker and a photographer by passion was captured in the beauty and tried his level best to capture the heaven as much as he could. 'Durga Hill is the coolest place to capture for a single day trek' said Swapnil. If you get lucky you may find some unseen birds flocking around Durga Hill.

Once you learn how to handle the 'fight and flight' situation any situation can be handled. At times some of us become weak and lazy to conquer challenges and in this case a mutual teamwork that unconsciously accelerates the whole environment which helps to reach the set goal. With each person with different set of skills, a coordination between the team, and a mutual understanding developed in arms of mother nature increases the efficiency of work as well as sets a bond in friendship. 'There has been a rise in the efficiency of the work', says Monicka after being a part of the challenge with her team.

Kolar is known not just for Antaragange but also for Avani.

Antaragange a holy place which is believed to have a spring inside the mouth of a bull inside the temple premises. The world 'Antaragange' means 'Ganges from deep' in Kannada language also referred as Dakshin Kashi of the South. The water falling from the mouth of the bull is said to be sacred Ganga falling from the head of Shiva. People from all over Karnataka come here to drink this holy water as it is believed to do the cleansing of the soul. The source of water is still unknown be it monsoon or summer the water is gushing around. On the other hand, Avani is a small village in the Kolar district and is famous for one of the few Sita Temple situated on hill. Sita was also known as Avanisuta in Sanskrit. There is a belief that the author of Ramayana, Valmiki resided here during the era of Ramayana. It is also said that Sita gave birth to her twin sons Lava and Kusha on this hill top. It is also known as Lava-Kusha Betta which is known to witness the war between Rama, the father and Lava-Kusha. The place where the horse Ashwamedha was tied to the place of birth of Lava-Kusha can be found here. Looking the the history of Kolar there are many places of holy importance and being in Bangalore and not knowing the history of the ancient era is something we all need to look upon and start travelling to Kolar. Dr. Ashish a fellow trekker felt enlightened when he made it to Durga Hill via Antaragange.

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