Camping is a great way to take a break from your normal routine and have fresh air somewhere in the mountains. It helps you respect nature more and tells you that nature was never meant to be scary. You will have life-changing experiences and realise that there are more important things in camping than just campfire and marshmallows. With the technology at our disposal today, we have forgotten how to live with minimalistic opportunities. But if you want to know what life is all about then camping is a must.

1)The urge to unplug: Working life has made us slaves of the technology. Every morning the first thing we see is our mails. But imagine getting up with the sunrise or amidst the mountains. We as humans are adaptable creatures but we are not made to just simply sit all day. When we detach ourselves from the digital worlds is when we get back to the basics of life- fire, starlights, rivers, trees, mountains. If you want to have a great time while camping makes sure you have less screen time.

4 things that camping will teach you

2)Strengthens bonds: Camping alone in an isolated area away from the technology will help you understand people better. The world is reduced to the number of people you travel with and everyone becomes a team. Suddenly the number of people you are in contact with becomes small and you realise who really matters. You will realise how small you are in front of the vastness of nature.

4 things that camping will teach you

3) Less is more: All you need is survival in the forest which is food, clothes, and shelter. It makes us realise that our material possessions don't really matter. Beginner campers generally overload themselves with gadgets and gears but slowly you will realise the importance of ‘less is more.’ While camping having a minimalistic approach is necessary in order to spend some alone time away from civilization.

4) Falling asleep with nature: You will learn to sleep with the cacophony of insects, the rustling of the leaves and sound of the river. Falling asleep with the sound of nature is completely different from falling asleep in your bedroom. Spending time away from the artificial sources of illumination will help you revert back to your natural cycles of light. You will wake up with the sun and feel tired when the stars show up.

4 things that camping will teach you

Camping does help you relieve your stress from your daily routine. But more than that it helps you relive the basics of life and make you understand the importance of having a minimalistic approach in each step of your life. At first, it may sound like a very challenging and demanding task, but you may want to experience life once without the protective shell which is a good thing. The point here is not to suffer, but to understand that life can be lived even after giving up the luxuries of your soft foam bed.

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