Have you started to notice dozy eyes and dangling shoulders in your office? Well, then probably it is time for you to arrange for a corporate outing. But arranging another team dinner or an outing to the nearest resort is probably an overdone thing for the employees. While trying to break the usual work-day process you are creating another mundane activity for your employees to follow. Some people might just attend the corporate dinner just for the sake of showing up. As it is very important to have new ideas to work on in a company similarly it is important to take up different activities to help people overcome the mundane routine of office life and know each other better. Taking your team for an outing in the mountains or trekking is a good idea to bring them out of their cubicles to interact with each other in nature’s lap.

Improving work efficiency with trekking

To understand this better here is a story of Mr. Anil Gupta who is an accountant in a firm in Bangalore. He was quite happy to land up in this job. He was earning well and his family was satisfied with the job. Everybody around him was cheerful and excited about the job, people took initiative and helped each other out. It was a new environment for everyone and they seemed very much into the job. But as two months passed by Anil realised a slight change in the working ambiance. People had become quieter, they hardly interacted and helped each other, lunch breaks were now all about spending time with virtual friends rather than actual people. He himself did not feel the same enthusiasm and interest in his work that he used to feel in the first week. And obviously, their work performance degraded. The manager was indeed tensed about the lack of interest of his staff members so he decided to arrange a corporate outing, but this time a little different from what they usually did.

Improving work efficiency with trekking

The manager Mr. Sahu decided for outdoor trekking in the mountains to help his employees rejuvenate themselves. Everybody seemed happy with the decision. Mr. Sahu really hoped that this would help to bring back his team’s lost enthusiasm and come over their differences. The next weekend they started their journey for the Chikmagalur camping. The motive behind arranging this camp was to help them understand the importance of teamwork, trust, and understanding between each other so that their work efficiency can be improved. On their way upwards, they realized that all they have here is this small group of people. With no mobile signals, away from technology, they realise how important it was to get out of their cabins and explore nature. Anil remembered how people were helping each other out throughout the climb. Once he was about to slip when one of his colleagues held him from behind. Balancing himself he looked back and realised it was Ramakrishna who never liked him much in the office. But this is what the motive of the trek was to bring all of them together and perceive the idea of teamwork. It gave them the notion that without technology their circle is reduced to half.

Improving work efficiency with trekking

When they finally reached the campsite Mr. Sahu had very cleverly arranged further activities. He divided the group into two members each and they were assigned tasks just like that in office but in a different environment. Shilpa and Reena were given the task to cook. They usually never interacted with each other in office but here they had to because while Reena was good in cooking Shilpa was not and it was their collective efforts that could work here. While others were given the task of pitching a tent, help in cooking, bring drinking water from the stream. The manager knew the tension between Anil and Ramakrishna so he paired both of them to go collect wood for camping. While finding the woods, it was the first time in months when these two had talked to each other. Left alone in the green without phones they didn’t have anyone to talk to except each other. “That’s how nature teaches you life,” is what Anil told himself while with Ramakrishna. They both helped each other and collected enough wood for the campfire. When they came back with the wood, everyone was happy and appreciated them. Anil felt happy and he understood how in life he’s been taking things for granted. While on the trek, working together, everyone's relations improved and Mr. Sahu cannot be happier about it.

Improving work efficiency with trekking

“The next day at the office, something felt different,” recalled Anil. Everyone was greeting each other with a smile. The lunch break was alive again with people talking to each other. Suddenly, it felt like the first week of work again. It was definitely because of the trek and the teamwork of everyone that made a huge difference. Sometimes it becomes necessary to show people reflections of life otherwise they are too blinded by their ego that they can’t see anything else. It is important to pinch them and tell them that there is life ahead of their social media and work files that they are missing on.Somewhere in the process of proving yourself better from others and earning more money, you tend to lose yourself and this is where nature helps you. Mountains have a certain ability to groom you and make you understand how small you are in front of it. This is why such corporate outings are arranged by companies to help their employees work to their full efficiency and perform as a team.

 Improving work efficiency with trekking

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