Trekking may sound challenging but monsoon treks are another kind of challenge in itself. Trekking in monsoon is one of the most beautiful and alluring experience. You get to encounter the lush green, scents of flowers, water droplets setting like diamonds on leaves. It seems as if the world is covered under a layer of green and your eyes are experiencing the vastness of nature. That boundless serenity of the greens, birds chirping and the streams flowing makes you forget all your stress and anxiety that you bought with yourself from the city. Monsoon trekking is thrilling but definitely a tough task to take up. It is getting more and more famous these days with an increased number of people taking up trekking to rejuvenate themselves. Here are certain tips that might help you next time when you are getting for a monsoon trek in the western ghats.

1. The right pair of shoes: Shoes are an important part of your trek, especially if it is a monsoon because you need to maintain the grip in order to avoid slippery surfaces. Many people commit mistakes while choosing their footwear and end up buying footwear which is not suitable for monsoons. It is always suggested to wear shoes with good grip for beginners. In addition to proper grip, it is necessary for you to select shoes that let your skin breath to avoid moisture and dampness in your skin.

Note: Some locals and trek guides easily wear flip flops and pull off the trek.

Prepare yourself for a monsoon trek in The Western Ghats

2.Carry your essentials: There are certain things that you should carry in order to help yourself in a monsoon trek.

Raincoat: It is not necessary that it is going to help you when it starts to rain heavily but something is always better than nothing. 

Socks: You can wear double layered socks to avoid the leeches but prepare yourself to encounter leeches because there is nothing that you can do to avoid them.

Waterproof tent and bag: If you do not want to sleep in a tent drenched in water it is always a good idea to carry a waterproof tent. Having a waterproof bag will save your clothes and other essentials from being wet during the journey. But traveling with Get Beyond Limits team you do not need to worry about that because we provide good quality tents and sleeping bags.

Prepare yourself for a monsoon trek in The Western Ghats

3.Clothes: Be it summers or monsoon it is always better to wear light clothes. Heavy clothes will soak in water and take longer to dry as compared to lighter clothes. On a monsoon trek, cotton clothes should be avoided. Most people will prefer wearing shorts and t-shirts but in a monsoon trek, you should always consider wearing a full sleeves t-shirt that pant to avoid stings, thorns, sunburn, and mosquito bites.

Prepare yourself for a monsoon trek in The Western Ghats

4.Collection of firewood: Most of the treks in the Western Ghats camping is not allowed, you have to go to the top and come back the same day. But if you ever get the permission to camp you have to make sure to collect dry wood beforehand. Because of the rain, most of the wood will be moist and it becomes a serious problem to start the fire and cook. But trekking with Get Beyond Limits team you don’t need to worry about food because we serve hot and nutritious meals to satiate your hunger.

Prepare yourself for a monsoon trek in The Western Ghats

5.Food and water: Carrying enough water is a must. Due to the weather conditions, there will be an increased amount of humidity which will make you sweat more and result in water loss from your body. Carrying your own food like cucumber and watermelon that have water content is a better option.

Prepare yourself for a monsoon trek in The Western Ghats

Monsoon treks are fun but also demanding. These treks are the real test of your patience. Beyond all these preparation you need to mentally prepare yourself. Having a positive attitude is necessary and if you are prepared to drench yourself in water and still enjoy, you'll probably have a great time. There is no avoiding from being wet. You should be adventurous enough to take up the weather and nature will show you the best of what it has preserved.

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