The first thing that comes to your mind after listening to the word trek is high mountains, snow peaks, muddy slopes, and the sun setting is the background. But beach trekking is an experience in itself. The cotton soft sand touching your feet, the sound of the waves while the sun sets down quietly is the most calming experience. The orange vivid sky in the evening and the flawlessness of the ocean makes you realize how small you are in front of nature.

Camping under the stars:

Walking on the sand at night under the moonlight is a different experience. Imagine camping under a million stars listening to waves hit the shores. Spending a night in nature’s lap is one of the best experience and the sounds of the the waves are a perfect lullaby for you.

Lots of coconut water:

If you are a coconut lover then beach treks are for you. There is plenty of coconut supply and you can feast on them as much as you want. The Paradise beach in Gokarna is covered with palm trees all over which is a treat for eyes.

Play games:

Another benefit of going on a beach trek is the number of games that you can play. Beach offers you the opportunity to play around and have fun. You can play volleyball, soccer, and other water activities. Gokarna is an ideal destination for outdoor enthusiasts who wants to seek adventure and take a break from the everyday chaos of life.

Om Beach:

This is a popular beach at Gokarna it is in the shape of OM the spiritual symbol which is considered auspicious therefore many visitors go there. You can witness serene views of boundless blue water.

Sunsets like never before:

Kudle beach has an arch-shaped coastline that offers the best sunset ever. From here you can star gaze and relax while the waves hit the shore. Sit back and enjoy as the sky changes its colors from blue to light yellow to dark orange. This is one of the most surreal experience to have at the Gokarna beach trek.

Trekking at the beach is completely different from trekking in the mountains. From the temperature to the flora and fauna everything is completely different. In the mountains, you can experience the sunsets surrounding yourself in lush green whereas on the beach the same sunset you can experience surrounding yourself with cotton soft sand and the water. Beach treks are great in letting you relax from your hectic life and spend a good time with your family sharing stories over the campfire under million of stars.

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