While people are apprehensive about going on a monsoon trek, there are others who will tell you that they are the best type of treks. Catching raindrops while walking miles in the arms of nature sounds beautiful, doesn’t it? But there are certain myths about monsoon treks that have forced people to think that they are uncomfortable and dangerous. To be honest, aren’t all outdoor activities supposed to be out of your comfort zone? Well, let me help you bust these popular myths about monsoon treks.

1. Safety

Monsoon is the best time for trekking and every experienced trekker will tell you that. As for safety, is anything safe in this world? Life is about taking risks and accepting challenges. Treks help you connect with nature and monsoon treks are a bonus here. They expose you to flora and fauna like no other seasonal trek and you’ll get to learn so much about the environment. Monsoon treks are like any other treks on the safety scale, if you go well-prepared with the right equipment and clothing. We urge you to get beyond limits and explore the magical rain-soaked mountains that the western ghats has to offer. It’ll be an experience of a lifetime that you’ll be unable to forget.

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

2. Leeches And Other Insects Are On The Rise

It is true that insects, leeches and reptiles come out of hiding in the monsoon due to the rain, but the fact that they are on the rise is not. You can look at these species and appreciate them. This may sound weird, but having leeches stuck to your skin is an experience that can connect you with nature. However, some experts will ask you to wear double-layered socks on monsoon treks to deal with the leeches.

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

3. Swamps Suck You In

Puddles maybe, muddy patches and sticky soil maybe, but swamps that will suck you into them? I don’t think so. It is true that you will get your footwear all wet and muddy because of the wet ground, but it’s just too filmy to imagine that there will be a swamp waiting somewhere there. If there has to be a swamp like that, it could be there in the summer also.

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

4. Clothes And Gear Will Get Spoiled

You have to invest in proper trekking gear anyway for any type of trek. The only extra thing you’ll have to invest in are raincoats and rain boots, but these type of boots aren’t a necessity. If you’re wondering that monsoon rains can spoil your gear and equipment, it’s just water! Other than your camera, phones or other technical stuff, your clothes and gear are safe. Just ensure you carry your camera and phone in good cases and covers so that they don’t get wet and you are good to go!

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

5. Cannot Have Camps or Campfires

Yes, it is difficult to set up camps in the monsoon due to wet ground, but it isn’t impossible. In fact, some people will tell you that it is actually more fun to camp during the monsoon than in any other season. Ensure you collect dry firewood beforehand and you can set up a campfire too, if it isn’t raining.Plus, home stays are a fun option too! You don’t always need to camp while on a trek!

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

6. It Rains All The Time

We all know this is not true. If it would rain 24*7, no one would even get out of their comfy homes during the monsoon. Whenever it is not raining, the lush green environment of the mountains with water droplets dancing on the leaves as the winds sway them is the most beautiful sight ever. This is nature at its best and experiencing something like this can only happen during a monsoon trek!

6 Myths About Monsoon Treks

I know… you want to book a monsoon trek right away, don’t you? Well, I don’t blame you. Writing this article makes me want to pack all my trekking essentials and head to a monsoon trek! Now that I’ve busted these myths about monsoon treks for you, I hope you have found a new urge to trek in the rainy season as well. I mean, are you even a real trekker if you do not trek in all the seasons that India has to offer?

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