Camping and trekking are both really fun activities to engage in if you’re an outdoorsy person. While camping is more about relaxing and getting to know nature in a more personal way, trekking is more rigorous and challenging. Both are fun, but it really depends from one person to another. And if you’re unsure as to which one to choose as your getaway from all the mundane things in life this weekend, here are a few differences, pros and cons of both camping and trekking to help you decide.


Camping ensures that you spend more time in your campsite while trekking is about walking miles and miles into the wilderness and explore the hidden gifts of nature. Hence the itinerary of both these outdoor activities differ greatly. Firstly, a camping itinerary might contain things that are more technical like, learning tent pitching, short hikes to see the sunset, etc. whereas a trekking itinerary might cater more to walking and less learning. To understand this better, here are the two short itineraries of Kudremukh Trek and Phunsukh Wangdu Isolated Camp that Get Beyond Limits offers -

Kudremukh Trek (short itinerary)

Day 0 - Pick up from Bangalore

Day 1 - Overnight journey till Balegal - 6 kms off-road jeep ride - Trek from Mullodi - Kudremukh Peak - Reach Base Camp - Campfire (if permitted by situations)

Day 2 - Base Camp - Somavati River - Walk/Jeep ride next to coffee farms - Bangalore

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Phunsukh Wangdu Isolated Camp (short itinerary)

Day 1 - Leave Bangalore at 12pm - Introduction sessions - Know Your Surroundings session - Tent pitching/Campsite setting up session - Hike to sunset -a Campfire - Dinner next to the campfire - Story-sharing at campfire by everyone - Stargazing

Day 2 - Wake up for sunrise - Hike to Slide Hill - Breakfast - Depart for Bangalore - Reach Bangalore

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Trekking can be done in winter, monsoon and summer alike, but camping has its own problems in some seasons. For example, it is really difficult to enjoy camping in the monsoon season. The soil is damp and tent pitching becomes a problem, similarly, continuous rains can hinder a good campfire experience. If stargazing is something you want to experience while on a camp, it is very difficult to do so in the rainy season. Even trek destinations are based on seasonality. While some places are great for conducting monsoon treks, others are great for summer treks. Hence when it comes to outdoor activities like camping and trekking, seasonality plays a very important role.

Size of Groups

Even though solo treks are enjoyable, camping solo has no fun in it. While solo treks can help you escape the bustling city life and find your true self, camping solo will only make you feel more lonely. The highlight of a campsite is its campfire, now where is the fun in a campfire when there is no one around you to share stories and unwind. Plus, pitching a tent is also more fun when you have people who help you out.

Learning Curve

Learning new skills and experiences are the main attraction of both camping and trekking. However, camping has a higher learning curve as compared to trekking. Going out camping can teach you many things. For example, tent pitching sessions, campsite setting up sessions,etc. can teach you the technical aspects of a campsite building. Also, story-sharing sessions during campfires are a great means to share each other’s experiences and understand life better. It is often seen that campfires are places of great discussions and brainstorming. Trekking can teach you about nature and the environment around you. It will make you realise the importance of conserving nature and why city life is not that comfortable after all.


Like I mentioned earlier, your preference matters the most in this decision-making dilemma that you face. If you’re the kind of outdoorsy person that loves to just sit back, relax and indulge in great conversation with great minds amongst nature, camping might be your scene. But if you are into physically challenging activities that require lots of walking and exploring, trekking is the right choice. Hence it’s your call.

Camping or Trekking? The answer is deep within your heart. Understand what goes on in each of these activities and decide where your heart lies. Once that is sorted out, you will know exactly what to choose. So tell me, are you a camping person or a trekking person?

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