Being an outdoor leader comes with a great responsibility to shoulder, but it also gives you back so much to cherish and remember for a lifetime.If you are a seasoned outdoor enthusiast, you should definitely aim to be an outdoor leader. But if you’re wondering why and you need someone to talk you into this, let me do it for you. Here are some reasons why you should be an outdoor leader.

It teaches you survival skills

Why should you be an outdoor leader?

Honed survival skills are a must when you’re out there in the wild. It helps you to understand and interact with nature intimately and build a relationship with mother earth. You eventually learn to love and respect the environment and become a better version of yourself. I know it sounds corny, but loving and respecting mother earth is something we humans have forgotten lately and if we can remind ourselves this art again, I can’t see why climate change cannot be curbed.

It develops leadership qualities

why should you be an outdoor leader?

It helps you guide and coach other outdoor enthusiasts who are just beginning to thread these horizons. They will look up to you and you will be a role model to them! It’s a way of bonding and a circle of giving and receiving. You’re at both ends here. Through this circle, you will learn to take quick decisions at the times of difficulties and guide effectively. You will become someone who will be give comfort to those who are scared at the times when problems arise during the outdoor activities.

An outdoor leader learns more than he teaches or guides

Why should you be an outdoor leader?

He is at the forefront of curiosity and questioning by his fellow trekkers and learns with every adventure he associates himself with. There is no end to learning and being an outdoor leader embarks you on a journey of rewards and learnings. Like I mentioned before, being an outdoor leader puts you in the circle of giving and receiving. While you share your knowledge of the outdoors with your fellow adventurers, you will also get to learn so much!

Helps maintain peace of mind

Why should you be an outdoor leader?

Many will tell you that outdoor adventures like trekking and hiking helps them to keep sane in this insane world. It helps you escape the chaos of these bustling cities we live in and calms your senses. It is like meditating, it helps you stop, think and focus on the important things in life. You may fail sometimes, but failure is a stepping stone to success. You are only a little speck in this vast universe and nature will make you realize that and help you stay grounded. You will make friends on these outings and some will last for a lifetime. Being an outdoor leader is a wholesome experience that every outdoor enthusiast should get a feel of.

Sharing the knowledge you have acquired over the years with the ones that need it the most is the most beautiful thing ever. If you are an experienced outdoor leader, you’ve got to share your knowledge with other people who have the same zeal for the outdoors as you! So, do you think you have what it takes to be an outdoor leader?

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