Camping is an amazing way of connecting with nature. While our generation breathes pollution from traffic everyday, our lungs have forgotten the feeling of a fresh breeze. Remember the last time the city allowed you to breathe peacefully without shoving toxic fumes down your windpipe? Me neither! In times like these when we are losing ourselves in the concrete jungles that we are building, camping experiences can help us appreciate the natural world near us again. But camping is not something that can be planned within seconds, as it requires effective planning for a wholesome experience. To help you with this, here are 5 must know tips for camping.

Bring Sufficient Clothing

Bringing too many or too less clothing items are both too bad. If you have too many clothing items with you, you’re making your own backpack unnecessarily heavy. And if you carry less clothing, chances are you will be in a big dilemma when emergency arises. Dressing according to your camping requirements is the key here. If you’re camping during the monsoon, you will have to pack your raincoats. But if you’re camping during the summer, you might want to wear tank tops, linen or cotton clothing.

Keep A Checklist

Camping is all about being prepared, so come prepared. Making a checklist before any of your travelling is a great idea. Any sort of travelling activity requires a lot of brainstorming about what and what not to carry. Similarly, making a checklist will help you remember the essentials.It’s not fun to get to the campsite and then realising that you’ve forgotten something. Monsoon camps require you to carry waterproof or water-resistant shoes and many other such items while on a summer trek you’d want to carry shoes that allow air circulation. Making a checklist will make you an awesome camper.

Prep Your Meals Beforehand

Food is the most important thing almost all the time. I cannot imagine an outdoor experience without amazing food and cooking experiences. Plan how many meals you’ll be making and for how many people. If you require chopped vegetables for cooking at the campsite, ensure you chop them at home and pack them in an air-tight container. As campfires are difficult to put up in monsoon, carrying your own meals is the smarter option. Hence be smart and plan your meals.


Camping in groups can be a great way of making new friends. Don’t be a loner when you have a group of fun campers around you. Also, campfires are great spots for sharing your stories and getting to know others. Campers usually bond with each other when the night sky is adorned with twinkling stars and a campfire sets the mood for some deep conversations. The world has so many different things to offer and so many different people to meet! You can follow the camping tradition and narrate spooky stories too! Check out if you want to know what type of stories to narrate. Why not get to know these people and make friends for a lifetime?

Keep Clean Do not litter!

Not in the city, neither at the campsite. Places we camp are the places that are the cradles of natural beauty. Littering these places bring down the beauty of the place and the experience won’t be as fun to those who come after you. Nature is like a mother in our culture and if you respect her, make sure you keep her clean. Avoid carrying plastic or food items that come with plastic packaging. Hence you will be able to reduce non-biodegradable waste in these areas. If you have to carry anything polythene, ensure you bring it back with you and not throw it at the campsite.

If you want to be a good and responsible camper, these tips will definitely help you out. Just remember to respect nature and the camp rules to your best. This will not only make your experience great, but your co-campers’ experiences too! Life is all about living your best life. Outdoor activities like camping are a must if you want to live your best life.

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