Monsoon treks are wet, lush green and splashy, while summer treks are more about sunshine on your face and sweat dripping down your back. But is this the only difference between a monsoon trek and a summer trek? To find out, you need to experience these seasonal treks to understand better. While some like the rain and some like the feel of the harsh sun right above their heads. Seasonal treks are all about your personal preferences. However, if you’re looking for the differences between these two seasonal treks, here are a few.




Monsoon treks are organised in the rainy season between the months of June to September, whereas summer treks are organised between the months of March to May. However, July and August have the heaviest rains in the western ghats and if you’re a rain-lover, this is the ideal time for you to take up trekking. If you’re a first-time trekker, you’d want to go trekking in the later monsoon months, so that the rain is not too harsh and your first-time trek experience is amazing.


Difficulty Level

Both the seasonal treks are equal on the difficulty scale. However, during monsoon treks, the rains are so heavy that even the walking trails have water flowing in them. And every stream that you will cross will have waist-deep water. The trails are very slippery and after it stops raining, there are leeches ready to suck your blood. If you like challenges, a monsoon trek is the perfect type of trek for you. Summer treks have no leeches, but if you don’t keep yourself hydrated during these types of treks, you will face the sun’s wrath. Trekking is a rigorous physical activity that involves a lot of sweating already. Hence, summer treks will churn out every ounce of energy inside you. The trails are dry and the streams you encounter will be very less on water content.



It is generally advised by experienced trekkers to wear light clothing on both the treks because, even if it is monsoon, due to so much walking, your body will be sweating profusely anyway. However, raincoats are a must during monsoon treks. In terms of footwear, we’d advise you to wear waterproof or water-resistant shoes. Rain boots that reach up to your calves can also be worn to avoid leech attacks. During summer treks, clothes made of cotton, linen or breathable material is preferred. This will ensure air circulation and help your skin to breathe. Any comfortable shoes can be worn in this season’s treks, but do ensure that your footwear has good grip. Caps or hats are very important when it comes to summer treks as the sun shines harshly above your head.


Other Essentials To Carry

Basic trekking gear and necessities are a must for both the seasonal treks, but when it comes to monsoon treks, you must pack a few mosquito repellents and leech repellents. Even though cream-based repellents can be easily washed away by the rain, it is usually advised that you carry them. Salt and deodorants will help you keep the leeches away. Similarly, summer treks can also use mosquito repellants, but leeches aren’t a problem at this part of the year. Sunscreens are a must here as the sun’s rays can be harmful to your skin. Any sunscreen with SPF 30 or above is advisable.


Food Requirements

Food is an essential amenity at all times, especially when you are outdoors and are engaged in a physically exhausting activity like trekking. You need to eat less, but more often so that your body has enough energy to push through. During monsoon treks, cooking out in the campfires is difficult. Ensure that you collect enough dry wood at the outset, but even after that, cooking under the rain is not possible. Carry your meals in tiffin boxes and spare the effort of cooking on treks. In summer treks, cooking under the sky is not difficult, but it is often seen that the quest to stay hydrated often tend to fill your stomach with fluids and kill your appetite. Hence, eating well is kind of a challenge for both.


To make choice making easier for you, here are the top 5 monsoon and summer treks that Get Beyond Limits has to offer. You can check out our website for more details on these beautiful treks-


Monsoon Treks

Kudremukh Trek

Tadiandamol Coorg Trek

Kodachadri Trek

Nishani Motte Trek

Galibeedu Peak Coorg Trek


Summer Treks

Gokarna Beach Trek

Kodachadri Trek

Nilgiris Waterfalls Trek

Hampi Bouldering and Heritage Trek

Chikmagalur Trek


As this monsoon season graces us with its presence, let’s make the most of it. Let’s trek under the rain and embrace nature in its most beautiful form. They say raindrops are like diamonds falling from the sky, so let’s soak in them and make memories that will last a lifetime. If you’re a person who loves the feel of raindrops against their skin, what are you waiting for? Book a monsoon trek with us now!

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