It is insisted time and again, yet trekkers do not carry tiffin boxes on treks. While some believe that this has to do with the fact that carrying food in these boxes are easy, there are many other reasons behind this. From being an environmentally safer option, to coming handy during the treks, there are a lot of perks if you inculcate this habit. If you want someone to persuade you into believing in the fact that carrying tiffin boxes on treks is a good thing, let me do it for you. Here are a few important reasons why one must carry tiffin boxes with them on treks.


Reduces Production of Waste

Climate Change is taking the world by storm right now. Activists are fighting to save the earth and if there is one way through which we trekkers can contribute to saving mother nature, it is by reducing waste production. If you’re carrying your own food items in your tiffin boxes, you’ll consume less of junk that comes in plastic packaging and the chances that you throw them out in the open go down drastically. Also, trekkers tend to carry protein bars and sachets of milk powder and other food products. If you can bring these items in an airtight box, I don’t see the dilemma of “Where to throw the junk?”


Tiffin Boxes Can Be Part-time Storage Boxes

It often happens that when we are travelling, we tend to pack well at the start of the journey. But as the journey ends and we have to re-pack to get back home, we have added a few more items to our baggage. This happens during treks too. Storage space is limited when you’re travelling or trekking. After you’ve finished eating the contents of your tiffin box, the empty box can be a part-time storage box! Just take the stuff that can fit into the space and viola! Your storage problems are solved! Now you know how handy these boxes can be!



Well, I know disposable cutlery or food packaging is easier and time saving, but like I mentioned earlier, they are a bane to the environment. However, a tiffin box is reusable and lasts for further use. It’s not that hard to wash a tiffin box. Just take water and rinse it while on a trek! Also, if you want to eat your lunch and you realised that you have forgotten to get a plate, a tiffin box is a great alternative for this. However, I would suggest you guys to invest in a steel box as they are easier to clean as compared to the plastic ones.


Sharing Meals And Socializing

Socializing on treks is very important. You need to help out your fellow trekkers when they are in need and build new friendships. Aristotle once said, “Man is a social animal” Hence, making connections is a necessity for us humans. Food can be an extraordinary medium to build connections between people. And if you’re carrying your own tiffin boxes, you can share your food with fellow trekkers and get to know them better. Remember in school when the tiffin breaks saw the making of new friends? It’s all the same here.


Ensures You Eat Healthy

Carrying chips and soft drinks on treks is not a good thing at all! Not only do they affect your health, but these junk food also come with plastic packaging that are too tempting to be thrown around for us Indians If you carry tiffin boxes, you will want to carry healthy home-made food or meals. Nothing can be better than eating healthy while on treks as stamina and energy are very important to be a trekker.


Trek-Friendly Tiffin Boxes

Technological advancements are making human life easier day-by-day. Now that there are sub-sects and varieties of almost everything available, trek-friendly tiffin boxes are a new trend among trekkers that I definitely approve. Compact and enough storage for a variety of dishes, these tiffin boxes can be shopped online via various brands and online shopping sites. Their compact size ensures easy carrying and space management makes sure that you get to carry as many things as you like! Doesn’t this sound great?


Trekking is liberating and life-changing. These little habits that we inculcate not only make our trekking experience better, but it also makes a positive impact on our fellow trekkers and nature alike. I know that carrying tiffin boxes alone is not the only factor, but it certainly is one of them. So make sure you carry your tiffin box on your next trek!

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