Having heard of the story about Kunti and her capabilities  and ‘GET  BEYOND LIMITS’ ringing in our heads every single step we walked, it encouraged us to accept the challenge mode rather than the relax mode to reach the top. Rock climbing at night was a firsthand experience. Walking on the boulders to sneaking through the chimney, we did it all!

The last working day at college had left us all drained and drowsy... fast asleep even before the other three trekkers joined us. We opened our eyes for just a brief intro and released, we hadn’t yet crossed the hustle – bustle of namma (our) Bangaluru. The city had set out to enjoy the long weekend of Gandhi Jayanti, Dussera and the Eid creating an obstacle race for us to reach Kunti betta.

Crossing the bright headlamps on the highway we entered the town of Pandavapura, screaming our hearts out “Kunti betta ke liye tempo high hai...!” Walking through the school premises and the temple, our night trek began at 12:30am. If not for all but for majority, it was the first night trek and probably the first trekking experience for a few.

C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ahmed\IMG_3212.JPG

With barely any idea of the Kunti Betta terrain we followed Ishan and Salwat with the torchlight, to reach our destination. It was supposedly the hill top where in a stone pillar stood erect and said stories of Kunti in Mahabharat using it to grind masala (ufff...Too spicy ... I can’t take this cooking up!!). Trek to a smaller hill was quite a decent task. Reaching the hill we saw the ‘croc face’ (stone structure resembling a snout of a crocodile) and reached the top to heave a sigh of relief. But little did we know that we were not done for the night (oops...It was 4o’clock in the morning!) When Ishan pointed to the opposite hill and said “That’s our destination... can you see the pillar their on top?”, and continued to narrate the not so scary ghost stories. But our hearts where filled with mist that occupied the Kunti Betta and the hill top was out of sight in a span of seconds. The cool breeze around us brought with it a warmth that one experiences but can’t describe(hmm...something like love and respect for a person?). By now most of us had accepted and accomplished the smaller challenging paths.

C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ishan\Pictures\Ishan\IMG_20141002_065205.jpg
Now it was time to scale the heights! We began the walk to hill top. And here were Ishan and Salwat posing to us a task of choosing a way - either a narrow space between the rocks or climbing on the rock (no relax mode... humphh....). With this we reached our destination! The camp fire lit up in all its glory with the twigs collected nearby.  The destination I guess was to satisfy the hungry eyes of people from metropolis and to capture the eye of a camera with that golden gleam of sun. What happened for next one hour was just romance with sun. Some captured him alone, some held him in hand, yet others posed in front him with tandava nritya, yogic postures and what not to...( was crazy...!!!).  Few climbed the stone pillar to prove their strength, another sat on a distant rock to enjoy the silence at a height( best place to meditate, if only phone signal was not available!).

C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ahmed\IMG_3149.JPG
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ahmed\IMG_3139.JPG
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Sowkhya (1)\20141002_064324.jpg
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\sereine\IMG_20141002_064611.jpg
Now the vertical drop point to shoo away the fear of heights...sitting on the edge it was amazing how we felt. After which was our visit to the ‘Parikrama point’. Either you think, re-think or over think, nothing works here.  Decision and a quick action only could serve the purpose of jumping across a void between two rocks (hmm...imagine a situation- dog chasing you!). Doing this, I think we lost the fear of losing life in our lifetime (confused? But you heard it right!). Once you know you are alive, the 360⁰ view from the top of Parikrama point is enthralling!  With this, the descent from top and march towards Kunti Kund begins. (No, wait! I forgot what happened in between) we climbed on a set of rocks to take a group selfie... it was one of its kind!
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ahmed\IMG_3229.JPG
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Dipika\IMG_20141002_090330.jpg
Visit to Kunti kund, the beautiful temple and the stone carved Ganesha was refreshing. The green drive of collecting plastic on our way back left us feeling responsible. By now the hungry tummies couldn’t have waited anymore for the heavy south Indian breakfast. And the eyes had to quench the thirst of sleepless night. Brunch at Krishna bhavan in Pandavapura refuelled our engines that were exhausted through the night.

C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\Ishan\Pictures\Ishan\IMG_20141002_110934.jpg
C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\sereine\IMG_20141002_105954.jpg
Love, care and motivation of the group and its leaders left us feeling fantabulous about the trek. Mind kept rewinding and playing the 14 hours of experience on our return journey. We revived to senses as soon as we entered the traffic of our ‘pensioners’ paradise’ (Bengaluru). This left us thinking “was the Kunti betta night trek with GET BEYOND LIMITS a hallucination?”

C:\Users\HP\Google Drive\Kunti Betta Night Trek (01 Oct 2014)\sereine\IMG_20141002_072755.jpg

first trek , get beyond limits


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