Half of the fun of travel is the aesthetic of lostness:

I being a globetrotter was fed up with the year 2016 as it was about to end and this year brought no junkets for me. I was jaded after putting all my efforts to make trips for somewhere this whole year and every time I botched. While I was scrolling up my Facebook page I got post regarding“GET BEYOND LIMITS (GBL)-GOKARNA TREK “ for 24 th Dec -25 th Dec. That instant I had two options either to forgot my idea of travelling this year at least once or to continue as a solo traveler. And then I became rock ribbed and made my mind to travel alone. I booked the trek from GBL for Gokarna Trek-24 th -25 th DEC. I got all the information from the site and the GBL team(Neha and Johncy) was very obliging and boosterish as I interacted with these two person.

We got the info regarding pick up location and number of one outdoor leader mentioned as SAMKIT SHAH in the mail. And the other was UPASANA BANERJEE, I was a bit relaxed after knowing that there is a female leader too.

Bus Trip From Bangalore to Gokarna: People don’t take trips ,Trips take people.

We boarded the bus and the count says we were twenty eight people. We started making ourselves known to everyone. So the outdoor leaders gave us the activity, we had to introduce ourselves by the name we wanted the other gender to call us and the three questions to answer. After the whole introduction session I came to know that we had a very intelligent and a diverse batch. We had a diverse group like a couple who was working in ISRO , a doctor, a VIT student , one CA ,few from economics background and few like me from IT background travelling together. We all had soporific eyes yet too frisky game MAFIA rolled till 2:30 am . We reached Gokarna by 9:00 am,24 th Dec 2016,Saturday.

GOKARNA DIARIES:You don’t need magic to disappear all you need is a destination.

We were given one hour to primp ourselves and have our breakfast. To our surprise our outdoor leader Samkit Shah was waiting for us with a bunch of chocolates covered in those red Santa caps and that gave a jubilant Christmas mood to the trip. We started our trekking from GOD’s OWN BEACH , not so popular but the start point for the trek with the slogan… “Gokarna ka tempo high hai….”.We arrived at Paradise after an hour and half of traipsing and the feeling that now we can jump in the water and hurl all our stress. There were few girls chary of water but again Upasana a pro swimmer amongst us and Vandana took everyone one by one and helped them to float ,enchanting “Relax , you are feeling stressed out “ and it actually helped. After an hour of sopping, we dried up ourselves and left for half moon beach. While we were sashaying for Half Moon Beach, we found a strangler fig where we tried the Mowgli style gliding which was really spunky. Half moon beach was a small beach with all rocks, we have an option for small rock climbing.

Uphill View of OM beach:In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks.

That was splitting point for Om beach and Rock of Peace. Om beach was bewitchingly describing the shape of ‘OM’ , the beach was in hemisphere coming together at the middle with rocks. We forked at that point, some went for Om Beach but I opt for Rock of Peace.

Rock of peace: It feels good to be lost in the right direction.

Rock of peace vindicates its name. It was 4:00 pm, the sunlight was gazing at the sea making it scintillate, the zephyr was nippy enough to make us sit while the sun was glared at us. The waves wriggled the rocks bellowing yet tranquil enough to be lost in your own world. And then two hours passed and we left for Om beach.

Om Beach: The Best Escape Anyone Can Have

Namaste Café- One of the most popular café where you can snack on. We mustered there at 6:30 pm and left for Kudle beach. While we were treading towards Kudle beach through the bushy roads, we hoarded woods for borne fire.

Kudle beach: Let the sea, Set you free…

We reached Kudle by 8:00pm and had our dinner in one of the shacks. I took a bottle breezer and was lost in the beats of ocean waves, walking on the sea shore. What else you want, I got peace here.

The sun rise: We knocked on every one’s door to wake up everyone and we left for the view point. We needed tea to boost us up so Samkit took us to a place at 4 am , the tea surprisingly amazing and it refreshed us to the extent. We started the trekking for the view point and the view was astonished me as one side it was mountains and the other side it was ocean .And the combination of the view ,A.R Rehman rockstar’s songs and the sun rise was enough to energize and revive you with its positivity.

Thanks GBL to make this trip happen to me…. All the best…

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