Having a hectic week? Need to relax? Then it’s Gokarna! – A perfect destination for a beach trek. Leaving behind the worries and the intense schedule, hop on for this unforgettable journey through the beaches and rocks. Untouched by the humans and filled with purity, it’s one of the perfect offbeat weekend treks one would want. It’s a blend of rocks and the beach. A double dosage of thrill and fun added to the trip.

Located on the western coastline of India, it is the confluence of the Sahyadris and the Arabian Sea. Takes around 10-11 hrs to reach Gokarna which is around 520 Kms from Bangalore. This town is a Hindu pilgrimage center and home to the deity Lord Shiva. “Gokarna” means cow’s ear as it is believed that lord Shiva emerged from mother Earth’s ear.

Level of difficulty: Moderate

Things to carry:

Light jacket
Beach wear/footwear
First aid/Toiletries

Overnight journey to Gokarna, we reached around 12pm in the afternoon. Checking into a home stay near the bus station, we refreshed ourselves and prepared for the excitement we were about to have ahead. We drove till Balta beach where we took the trail towards Paradise beach along the thorny forest plantations.

Paradise beach-A mystical place. Paradise indeed! We started off with beach volleyball. The humid weather left us sweltering in heat. After this game, we cooled off in the inviting waves.  The dip in the sea was so refreshing. The saltiness in the sea breeze was enchanting. This beach was secluded and lacked human touch.  The sea was limitless and so vast giving a sense of beyondness and infinity. Many hippies camp out on these shores in search of truth in their way of life. 

We trekked to Half moon beach along the forest trails, palm trees and rocky terrain where we had our multi-cuisine lunch in the shack. Sitting across the shore, we filled our stomach. The shape of beach resembles to a half moon and hence the name “half moon” beach.

The majestic waves splashed against the virgin rocks as though they are rejoicing in meeting each other. We climbed few boulders which was a challenging experience. This task tested my limits and   satisfied my lust for thrill (for now).

It was time for sunset; we hiked to the other side of the stretch to Rock of Peace. I witnessed the most stunning view of sunset.”You only live once”. At that moment something changed in me. I watched the water change colour to orange-red. The panoramic view of the Om beach was scenic. The rocks resembled the shape of Om. At this point if we are lucky enough, we can spot dolphins.

During the sunset a hippie started to play music with the bongos which carried out into the waves. The silence and sound of waves added with music wafted in the air. The atmosphere was peaceful and exhilarating, embracing the sanctity and sacredness of the place. This is the place where I felt complete and connected with soul. The air held a melancholy tone as the fading sun merged with the sea on the horizon.

On the brink of twilight, as the darkness fell, we reached Kudle Beach just in time for dinner. This beach is more commercialised with many shacks with multi-cuisines. We ordered varieties of food which was delicious and mouth-watering. After the relishing food, we relaxed at the beach for about 2hrs. 

Contemplating on our thoughts, meditating on the crash of waves, we melted in the moonlight as we followed the shorelines to the Gokarna Beach. Collecting wood, dry sticks and grass on the way, we reached Gokarna beach around 12 in midnight. We built campfire whilst discussing and reliving the moments of sunset. We reached the home stay around 1am and set the alarm for 4am for watching the sunrise.

To watch the sunrise, we climbed the hill located opposite to the Gokarna beach. Waiting for the sun to rise we readied and pitched the cameras to capture this perfect moment.  Slowly, light seeped into the dark sky bringing colours of orange red to the clouds. A fiery ball of orange colour rose from the hills which was breathtaking. The dynamic and vibrant sunrise signified start of something new and hope of new life. Totally spiritual and rejuvenating experience.Watching the ruthless waves splash against those unyielding rocks! I am glad I woke up early to view this mesmerizing sunrise.

We returned back to home stay, had breakfast and set out to Bangalore. On the way we made a brief stop to see the famous Jog Falls. It comprised of 4 streams-Raja, Rani, Roger and Rocket. A rainbow had formed at the bottom of the falls which added to its profound beauty. We passed the time watching movie, playing games- Antakshari, Dumb Charades. We reached Bangalore around 12pm.

A piece of my soul was left behind on those sun-kissed sands and rocks. This is the mystical place where I fell in love with beaches. These unforgettable memories etched into my memories- the best times with the best people. 

And that’s how I became the sea  .҉

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