To satisfy my addiction to adrenaline, I decided it was time for another shot for the rush. I booked for the Kodachadri trek on the weekend through GetBeyondLimits which organises various adventure tours for the junkies like me. I dragged my sister and mom along for this amazing trek. I was so looking forward for this as it was my first trek in the year of 2015. My excitement grew as the day approached near.
Yes! It finally arrived! All packed, I set out for this adventurous journey! 


Kodachadri is a peak located near Kolluru in Shimoga district, Karnataka. It is 390 kms from Bengaluru. We were to trek to the Kodachadri peak. The famous Sankarachararya temple was located atop the hill. Another attraction is the Mookambika temple and the Sankaracharya cave situated at the peak.
We were picked up by the agency and left Bengaluru by Friday night 23:00Hrs and reached the Kodachadri base camp by Saturday early morning 6:00Hrs.


We refreshed ourselves and had light breakfast in a homestay. Packed with only essential items, we embarked on this trek led by a local guide. We left the camp by 9:00am with our lunch boxes.

  • A good pair of trekking shoes
  • 2 liter water bottle 
  • First aid (for emergencies)
  • Torch
  • Backpack 
  • Jacket/sweater
  • Raincoat
  • Camera

We trekked through the dense forest surrounded by thick trees. It was all green every turn we took. The narrow paths entwined with roots led us deeper into the forests. The first milestone was the buttermilk point where refreshing buttermilk was served to quench our thirst. Surrounded by the picturesque landscapes we set out to reach the second milestone: Hidlumane waterfalls.

We took the trail along the water to reach the falls. We reached the heavenly paradise. It was a sight to look at. Awed by its beauty we cooled off the tiredness with the chilled water. With the sunlight streaming, the falls were graceful to look at. The air held tiny misty water droplets. We were sprayed by the mist and splashed around in the water. It is the best fun one can ever have.
After recharging, we took the path that turned out to be more challenging. Nature stuns and tests us in so many ways. It was steeper and was inclined at angle of 60®. It really stretched our limits. Crossing the enchanting and beautiful meadows we reached the third milestone where we had our jumping photos taken. 

Hiking for 4 hrs leaves you ravenously hungry. We had lunch in a beautiful meadow.  As part of the #projectgreen, we took the initiative to clean the area of any garbage. 

Couldn’t keep count of how many mountains we climbed and under the hills we went. By evening 5pm, we reached the Kodachadri peak where we took the blessings of Saint Sankaracharya. The time for the sunset was nearing. The most awaited time! We reached the sunset point  to view the most mesmerizing and beautiful sunset ever.

We watched the sun set at the horizon over the mountains. It was so bright that we could only see the contours of the mountains. The sky was injected with different colours of purple, orange and blue. It was as if we were in a different world. So surreal! The fiery sun went down and was engulfed by the Arabian Sea.  Truly a heavenly sight to witness. This moment was never to be forgotten. And of course it was captured in our memories and cameras. 
After the last ray of the sun vanished, a profound feeling of peacefulness settled over us. The loneliness of the dusk grew. The spectrum of hues still splashed across the sun kissed sky gave us  a sense of spirituality and infinity.

With the torchlight on, we descended down the same way till the Mookambika Temple. We got  a jeep ride till our homestay. All I can say, it was a roller coaster. It was a hell of a bumpy ride!

Re-energised by the warm bath which washed away our tiredness and the “pet-full” healthful dinner, we had a campfire where we shared all our previous trek experiences. After listening to other stories, I felt that I was still a novice.
The night sky left was spell bounded. I never had seen so many stars in the my entire life. The sky was studded with millions of stars one could ever imagine. I will never forget this starry eyed night in my life. All I wanted to do was to sing the nursery rhyme “ Twinkle Twinkle Little star” around the fire.


We set out around 9am the next day to Nagara Fort which was 20km from the home stay en-route to Bangalore.

We walked along and over the fort walls, rolled down the slopes, raced till we ran out of breath. The view was panoramic showcasing the Sharavati backwaters. With this landscape as the backdrop, we clicked away pictures to our hearts content.
Now it's time! To return to Bangalore. The journey has come to an end. Alas!. But not the endeavors in our life. We reached Bangalore by 8pm.  I did have a wonderful and inspiring weekend.
A part of me was left behind on that peak where I witnessed  the most phenomenal sunset. The sunset was most illuminating part of the trek. It lifted our spirits, renewed our faith. The place where I fell in love with the beauty of the sky. A Magical Land and Whimsical Landscape.  And that’s how I became the sky.

Photo Credits:Susmitha Vani

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