How do I begin? Well, I am not a person who is usually into writing but however, I want to give a try. My first trip with GBL was the trek at Sharavathi back waters which was indeed amazing. Amazing because we were a group of 17 (8 of whom were my cousins and I) and happened to gel so well with every other person in a span of just two days. The place, I must say is one of a kind! Beauty!! My description about Sharavathi will surely do no justice because I certainly feel that each one of us needs to go there and find out for oneself.

We had this cousin of ours’s from the US, who was here on a vacation and hence we thought of going on a trip. Otherwise it’s seldom that we cousins have been on any trip because mostly we happen to meet in some or the other family event. We started on Friday night, all of us gathered at St. Mark’s, extra curiously waiting for the bus to pick us up. Once we boarded we were asked to introduce ourselves. The introduction part is one of the few things that makes GBL unique. On reaching our destination, we were awestruck! Amidst the forest, there are backwaters and the water is crystal clear with beautiful pebbles underneath. We were told that we are yet to reach the actual location which required us a coracle ride. On hearing the word coracle (teppa), the kid inside me woke up and I was like “yay yay, round boat” as round boat is what I fondly call it.

We were horribly unlucky because, particularly that day sun had decided to be harsh upon us. Giving it a least damn, I got a little too careless in not even finding it necessary to apply sunscreen. Getting further careless, I kept loitering in water for almost 4.5 hours. Yes, now I was sunburnt, so much so, that I lived in denial. “Are you serious, do you really care about this sunburn?” is something that I kept questioning myself. Whoever looked at me kept reminding me of my sunburnt face, which now looked funny! Yet, I didn’t care. We camped overnight, had tasty bisi oota, Ishan played guitar for all of us; our list of songs never ended, it went one after the other like this –“Ishan do you know this song? Can you play this for us? Hey, you play and we will singggggg.” Later these guys spoke about their paranormal experiences in which I certainly was not interested and headed back to my tent to sleep.

Next day we woke up around 04:00AM, all set to leave the place where we camped for trek after we sipped onto delicious hot filter coffee.  We trekked and reached the peak in 2-3 hours. The trekking was brief and easy. And as always clicked a “jumping picture” at the peak and headed back to the point where the bus was waiting to pick us up. In the bus, on our way back, we played mafia :D sang and danced as well. We were high on energy inspite of having barely any sleep the previous night. We were back to Bangalore the same night bringing with us all the memories we made in the past two days ☺  it was after this trip of mine that I decided to go on more treks with GBL.

The actual story of my sunburn starts here. My parents especially my mum was dejected to see her daughter who now looked like a roasted brinjal. My neighbor uncle, who happened to see me at the staircase of my apartment refused to recognize and smile at me (Yes, my face was beyond anybody’s recognition). This was the after effect of sunburn. Something even worst had now happened. I had applied for a job at L’Oreal Research and Innovation hoping least to get selected. But sometimes life can be utterly surprising. I got a call the following day for a telephonic interview which I cleared. Happy me! Interview cleared. All set. Haha!! No! I got a call again saying, “You are required to go through one more round of interview, which will take place at our Whitefield office.” The face to face interview was to happen three days from then. Let me brief. I got back to Bangalore from Sharavathi on Sunday, had a telephonic interview on Monday and the next interview was scheduled to be held on Thursday. I had exactly three days in hand to get rid of my extremely sunburnt face. I would restlessly google for sunburn remedies. Parlors would be of least help, because the skin on my face slowly started to peel out and bleed. I would google all day long for something that is quick to act on sunburns and would help minimize it as much as possible. I found lot of reviews on Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and managed to get it from some store near my place. Oh yes, it did wonders. Not the way things are portrayed in an advertisement, but it did rectify my sunburn to a large extent.  Though my face wasn’t completely recovered, ACV at least made my face recognizable. My interview went amazing and I made through ☺

Since then I have been extremely careful whenever I am out in sun. I have learnt a lesson for life. Sunburns can be bad, so much so that you cannot even smile or eat properly and as we all know how very essential it is to smile and eat as well! ;)

PS: Cheers to the team of GBL for organizing events so amazingly. Also, to the people who are involved back stage, especially the localites who take all the pain in waking up super early in the morning only to prepare stuff for us and make sure everything served is hot and needless to say, tasty which is a ‘Treat Treat Treat to the tummy and eye!’ :D

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