Certain plans are best made sudden and one such was Kudremukh trek with GBL. We (my friends and I) kept planning for long but never happened to go on any trip. Kudremukh somehow worked for us! My two other friends (Raji and Pallu) and I got all set to leave for the weekend fun. Little did we know that we were now going for an adventure trekking and before I write any further I must mention that it is no child’s play to trek till the peak at Kudremukh.
So be warned in case you wish to go there.

The trek to Kudremukh was unique. Honestly, neither of my friends nor me is an adventure freak. Having seen beautiful images of Kudremukh on google, one naturally gets tempted to see it LIVE. Equally tempted souls were the three of us. On reaching the homestay, we freshened up and packed our lunch and left for trekking. We were 30 in total, accompanied by three outdoor leaders- Nanda, Salwat and Vignesh. We were told that we are required to trek 9km one way to reach the peak which from far resembles a horse face. Initially, all of us were in josh and 9km wasn’t a big deal for any of us. We commenced our trek from our homestay, full of energy and enthusiasm. The initial phase of trekking itself was very difficult, got all our energy drained, but we had many more such difficulties to encounter. We also came across leeches which we were previously warned about and were trained to tackle as well. As we started trekking further ahead, we came across miniature streams and waterfalls. We had to cross many streams which had slippery rock bottom. They say practice makes a man perfect but no matter how many ever number of times you cross the streams, there are all chances of slipping every single time and eventually making you stream phobic!

As we kept ascending towards the peak, it only got farther and farther. The trek seemed endless. We had started from our homestay around 9AM and hadn’t reached the peak even at 2PM. Exhausted and hungry, we opened our lunch packs and started to hog like we weren’t fed since birth. Like how Popeye gains energy instantly on eating spinach, so did we on having puliyogare ;) We geared up and zip zap zoomed to reach the peak! Yes we made it! seemed like we pierced into the sky which now looked like a picture that you would find in a book. The feeling of having finally made it to the top was BLISS!!

As the tradition goes, we clicked a jumping picture and needed to head back to our homestay ASAP before it gets pitch dark and had a long way to go. Needless to say, it did get dark on our way back and our trek got all the more beautiful under the light of twinkling stars and the noise of crickets.  On reaching the homestay our legs had died. Undoubtedly this is what happens when you don’t exercise ever in your life but at once go out trekking almost 20km like a BOND!

The next day as per Salwat’s plan, we were to wake up early in the morning, go to a nearby stream, chill out for a while and get back to the homestay, pack our stuff, have breakfast and leave for Bangalore. To add to the joke, Salwat also made statements like “I am a morning person and am up usually by 4 when in Bangalore.” What actually happened? Ahahaha :D none of us woke up (though some claimed of having woken up and gone back to sleep due to extreme cold) 7AM and all of us happily dozing (not to forget Salwat as well)

Like how all good things come to an end, so did our stay at Kudremukh. We hiked down 7km amidst coffee estates to reach the pick-up location.  On our way back, ‘mafia’ took over our minds and we reached Bangalore leaving Kudremukh way behind but imprinting the majestic images for a lifetime.

Mountains and trekking can teach you a lot of lessons. Most importantly it teaches you to remain inspired, motivated and patient because you may be going a lot higher than you think ☺

Something more important: When you are told it’s a 9km trek one way, you are getting nothing but cheated because it certainly is more than just 9 one way ;)

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