Are you one of those who have always dreamed about spending a night in a tent beneath the open sky, watching the stars while lying down or share and hear stories next to a campfire? Camping is not just a recreational activity but also a meditation for the brain. It connects us back to the roots of raw nature, our primitive sense. Our idea is to connect with the forces of nature and get back raw nature into the cities rather than getting the cities these disconnected places. Come and explore yourself at our camps.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities

Chikmagalur is situated in the Malenadu region of Karnataka. Having favorable climate not just for coffee plantation but also spices in the beautiful mountains which are spread across Mullayanagiri and Baba Budangiri. There are multiple waterfalls in this region and keep this region cooler. Our idea to camp at Chikmagalur is not just to see the sky with cloud formations but also see the view from the highest mountain in Karnataka called Mullayanagiri, standing tall at 6,332 ft.


DURATION 2 Days And 1 Night ALTITUDE 5,740 Feet (appx)
CAMPSITE TYPE Surrounded by meadows, highest mountains of Karnataka, coffee estates and even a seasonal waterfalls in the camping area. Peaceful and ideal for stargazing. One can experience freshness and calmness offered by the mountains just by stepping into the campsite. WHO CAN JOIN Anyone who wants leave the city behind and spend a weekend under the open skies and camp. No trekking experience required.

DAY 0 Pickup From Bangalore - Introduction Session
DAY 1 Enter Chikmagalur - Arrive At Campsite - Explore The Campsite - Know Your Surroundings Session - Breakfast - Tent Pitching/Campsite Setting Up Session - Mullayanagiri Hike (highest point in Karnataka) - Cave exploration (situational) - Dab Dabe Waterfalls - Packed Lunch at Waterfalls - Campsite - Campfire - Barbecue - Dinner at Campfire - Stories Sharing at Campfire By Everyone - Stargazing
DAY 2 Wake up - Get fresh in washrooms or get wet in the waterfall next to the campsite (as per situation) - Breakfast - A hike to Baba Budangiri Tower - Lunch (Self Sponsored) - Visit to backwaters - Reach Bangalore


We are offering a chance for everyone to connect with nature by camping far away from the noise and pollution of the city, living under the open sky, feeling the air gush through our hair, see the night sky the way one might have not seen before, living in tents and understand the meaning of being free, meeting like minded people and opening up a whole new world for yourselves. We consider ourselves as mediums for your well deserved reconnect with the elements of nature.


Our campsite is located in the heart of Chikmagalur. We will be camping in an area from where one can see the highest mountains of Karnataka with coffee estates and lush green meadows spread across them. During the season time, our campsite has its own small waterfalls where one can get wet as per their convenience or just sit and admire the beauty of mother nature.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Any one who wants to connect with nature be it coming solo or coming in smaller groups and meeting like minded people. A campfire is a great place to meet new people, understand new perspectives and take back a lot more than just the campsite when we reach Bangalore.

Minors below 18 years need to get consent from their parents/guardians.

Our core team is handled by people who have done multiple mountaineering courses, summited several mountains and have the experience of leading treks for several years.
We don't compromise when it comes to safety equipments like oxygen cylinder (in the Himalayan Treks), stretcher (in the Himalayan Treks), medical kits etc. Our leaders are trained to use them in any situation.
Our local support from the mountains is always supporting right from the beginning of the trek to the end. We have hand picked the right people to do the right thing.
Get Beyond Limits has done more than 530 treks and catered around 10,000 people in a span of 3.5+ years. Our experience caters safety more than anything when it comes to a trek.
Travelling alone may not be easy for some of us as we might be coming from different corners of India. To take care of this, we even connect people before a trek so that they can plan their travel together if they want to and make things much easier and convenient.
We believe that spreading awareness about safety as it is the way to prevent any mishap from happening. You can read about safety protocols by Clicking Here.
We provide separate accommodations for men and women on all our treks, be it the homestays or the tents at a campsite.
Our team promotes women being Outdoor Leaders. We have a good number of women Outdoor Leaders to lead the treks.


We will start our journey in the morning towards our campsite in Chikmagalur. The journey to reach the campsite is an experience in itself. We will be crossing different farms, fields, valleys, meadows and even the backwaters as we reach our destination. Once everyone boards the Get Beyond Limits bus, a brief summary about the ‘Chikmagalur Campsite’ would be provided by our outdoor leaders along with the introduction amongst all of us. The day journey will be very exciting to make it a perfect weekend camping destination around Bangalore.


The backwaters is a couple of kilometers short of our destination and we believe in making the most of our travels. Take your paddle and find your way across the backwaters which offers water sports. This is place to beat the heat with some water activities like kayaking or even speed boat and jet skiing rides.

These activities are solely carried out by the government/local authorities. The visit to the backwaters is to make the most of our travels and hence we give freedom to the participants to undergo any activities they like by directly connecting with the local vendors present there and under their safety and supervision.

From here we shall enter Chikmagalur town of Karnataka known for beauty and coffee plantations.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Mullayanagiri is not just the highest mountain in Karnataka but also one of the beautiful mountains in Western Ghats of India. A paronomial view of the ‘ridge walk’ towards Baba Budangiri Range can be seen from here. There is a temple on top of the hill which has a story behind it. We encourage our participants to talk with locals to know more about the place and connect even more with it.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Just below the highest point of Mullayanagiri there is a deep cave with two entries. We don’t advise anyone to explore the cave. For anything can be inside the dark areas of the cave. The cave becomes narrow from inside and has lots of bats flying around. Also, the walls of the cave are very pointed hence one might get head hurt. It is better to see the cave in moderation than a recreational explorer. Even from a safe spot we will be able to admire the beauty of mother nature as we will get to witness beautiful natural formation at the inner surface of the cave. At the inner surfaces, we will get to see sparkling different shades colours which have existed in the cave since a very long time.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Sunsets must be compulsory for camping around Bangalore. The beautiful moment when the sun leaves the sky, changing its colors from blue to orange and then further to black. Seeing the set sun from the highest point in Karnataka makes it more interesting. After sunset from Mullayanagiri, we will go towards our campsite between the mountains.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Camping is the art of pitching tents in wilderness to spend a holiday. We are fortunate enough to do it in between the hills of Chikmagalur. Our camping sessions will not be complete without learnings. We will teach everyone how to pitch tents which is a useful art under any outdoor situation. Our Chikmagalur campsite around Bangalore is one of the best weekend getaway to connect with nature.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


A circle of a good campfire is said to be one which stays on forever. A campfire is an ideal place to understand new perspectives, listen to the lives and stories of other people. It is said that a campfire is a sacred circle which gives a chance to all those who want to share. The ambience of a campfire makes the stories even more interesting for those who like to listen. We will have a small barbecue session too over the campfire. The roasted food on a campfire is a way to connect with our roots of being a hunter and then discovering fire to make food and for survival. Sometimes there are ghost story sessions and even motivational story sessions by the all those who join over campfire and barbecue.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


When you are surrounded in the wilderness and the sky is clear over you, just lie down on the ground to watch the stars! You can study the basics of astronomy to make it a knowledgeable session. To make it even more interesting and easy for you, you can download mobile applications like Google Sky and see the names of all the stars and constellations you will be able to see.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


Sometimes we wake up with birds chirping. After we are have the local breakfast, our day will start with a small hike to Baba Budangiri. This is a pious town and has sentiments of many communities of Chikmagalur. Apparently it is said that Baba Budangiri was the first person to bring coffee seeds in the region from Mecca. If we are lucky enough we will will go towards the BSNL tower to see the view of the ridge. The ridge further goes towards Mullayanagiri where we were during the sunset a day before.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


There is something different about the sky of Chikmagalur. To someone who is creative and likes to look at different shapes of clouds, the skies at Chikmagalur are paradise! The clouds are usually spread over the horizon in this region and being at such heights adds to the breathtaking view. Chikamagalur is a wonderful place for photographers.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


We believe that if you don’t get wet in water your camping experience might not be complete. We will take a small downhill hike to reach Dab Dabbe waterfalls. The waterfalls has a natural shape of steps which make make it look like a stairway of water. One must always be careful for the chances of slipping are more. Someone rightly said that, ‘life is like a waterfall, it is always moving and there is an uneven flow to it’.

Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities
Chikmagalur Camping & Water Activities


We start our onward journey to Bangalore and the drop off points will be the same as the pickup points.

Camping is only successful when we learn the basic virtues of life. The intent is simple, this campsite is a detox against all unwanted things we carry in life. This camping experience will add soul which only believes to push all limits.

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SMALL BAG A regular bag will suffice. To keep your belongings organized and close to you. 1
SHOES Since the campsite is disconnected from civilization there around it can be uneven hence a pair of shoes will make the experience more comfortable and give more mobility. 1 Pair
CHANGE OF CLOTHES To continue your good hygiene routine 1 pair
WARM BLANKET/PULL OVER It usually gets cold in the night. It is a nice practise to be well protected. 1
RAIN COAT/PONCHO A compact raincoat or a poncho that can quickly dry can come in handy 1
SLIPPERS/FLIP FLOPS Comfortable slippers or flip flops for the camp and the return journey. 1
WATER BOTTLES Carry a good leak proof water bottle 2 Liters
TORCH A small sized torch is mandatory. You would not like be in limits after the sunset. 1
HAND TOWEL A hand towel is always of great utility at a campsite 1
TOILETRIES Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper, Sunscreen, etc. for your convenience 1 Each
MOSQUITO REPELLENT A mosquito repellent can be helpful to protect one from mosquitoes or some insects 1


22 to 23 Dec 2018 (OPEN) 29 to 30 Dec 2018 (OPEN)

Pickup Points: Click Here

Duration: Friday, 2215 Hrs - Sunday, 2130 Hrs (appx)

Camping Fee: Rs 3,299/- Rs 2,999/- (5% GST applicable)

Are You A Musician?
If yes then feel free to bring your instrument(s) and you will be awarded a GBL T Shirt if you set the mood right next to the campfire.

Trip Highlights:

  • - Bangalore to Bangalore Private Travel
  • - Travel Among the mighty mountains of Chikmagalur
  • - Camp/Tented Accommodation in the heart of the mountains
  • - Campfire
  • - Learning to assemble and dismantle a campsite
  • - 2 Breakfasts, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner
  • - Mullayanagiri (highest point in Karnataka)
  • - Spend the night under the open sky
  • - Campsite Etiquettes
  • - Camp next to a lake in a farm
  • - Disconnecting from the city and connecting with the open skies, the infinite views, the unlimited stars
  • - Chikmagalur Coffee
  • - Barbecue
  • - Dab Dabe Waterfalls
  • - Baba Budangiri tower

  • * Water adventures activities at backwaters are both regulated and carried out by the government/local authorities and are season dependent hence are not included in the cost above.

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WHAT WE DO: We make you believe that you are stronger than what you might believe through the outdoors.

EXPERIENCE: We have done more than 530 treks and catered around 10,000 people in a span of 3.5+ years.

MOUNTAIN MANNERS: Our idea is to not bring the city to mountains but bring the mountains to the city. Understand and learn from the qualities of a mountain person.

LEARN FROM OUR SURROUNDINGS: Our idea is not just do a trek and come back after learning the lessons nature and locals have to offer along with enhancing our outdoor skills like pitching tents and basic outdoor lessons.

PROJECT GREEN: Under Project Green we have collected around 10,000 kgs of litter in a span of 3.5+ years. This is an opportunity for everyone to give back to nature even on the trails of mountains.

EXPERIENCED TEAM: Our core team, outdoor leaders, local guides and local support are all experienced on mountains. We have hand picked the right people to handle the right task.

MEMORIES: We might start the trek as individuals but end up become one team of friends which sticks together during the entire experience.

SAFETY: Safety is something that should never be compromised. Right from an experienced Core team, to experienced Outdoor Leaders, well defined local support and safety equipments we do it the right way. MORE ON SAFETY.


TOILETS Indian/Western toilets available.
MOBILE NETWORK Usually only BSNL works after crossing the main city of Chikmagalur. Though other popular networks might be available on and off. Depending on the network provider.
POWER SOURCES Since the campsite is far from the city, the power sources are unreliable.