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The heritage city of Hampi whose name is derived from the word ‘Pampa’ lies on the banks of the River Tungabhadra. Pampa was the daughter of Brahma. Lord Brahma is believed to be the creator of the universe and of all beings as per the Hindu Mythology. The existence of Hampi dates back to and is evident in the classic tales of the creation of the world up to the era of Ramayana and later, being the capital city of the Vijayanagara Kingdom. The Vijayanagara Kingdom was one of the most flourishing kingdoms in the 1500 A.D. Hampi is one of the ideal weekend destinations from Bangalore where one can experience the Hampi heritage and also explore its bouldering. People from around the globe visit and experience the joy of Hampi which is fondly known as; “Don’t worry, Be Hampi”.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek



DAY 0 Pick up from Bangalore at 2215 hrs
DAY 1 Reach Hampi – Homestay – Professional Bouldering Sessions – Lunch – Sanapur Lake – Trek to Sunset Hill – Explore Island Side of Hampi
DAY 2 Early morning hike to Anjaneya Hill – Sunrise from top of the Hill – Breakfast – Coracle/Ferry Ride – Explore Heritage Side of Hampi – Famous Vitthala Temple (Stone Chariot) – Kings Balance – Two Storied – Pavilion Ranganatha Temple – Yanthrodharaka Sri Prana Devaru – Narasimha Temple – Sugriva's – Cave River walk next to Shivlingas and Nandis – Hampi Bazaar – Virupaksha Temple – Lunch – Reach Bangalore by 2230 Hrs (approx).

Our core team is handled by people who have done multiple mountaineering courses, summited several mountains and have the experience of leading treks for several years.
We don't compromise when it comes to safety equipments like oxygen cylinder (in the Himalayan Treks), stretcher (in the Himalayan Treks), medical kits etc. Our leaders are trained to use them in any situation.
Our local support from the mountains is always supporting right from the beginning of the trek to the end. We have hand picked the right people to do the right thing.
Get Beyond Limits has done more than 700 treks and catered to around 12,000 different people in a span of 4.3+ years. Our experience caters safety more than anything when it comes to a trek.
Travelling alone may not be easy for some of us as we might be coming from different corners of India. To take care of this, we even connect people before a trek so that they can plan their travel together if they want to and make things much easier and convenient.
We believe that spreading awareness about safety as it is the way to prevent any mishap from happening. You can read about safety protocols by Clicking Here.
We provide separate accommodations for men and women on all our treks, be it the homestays or the tents at a campsite.
Our team promotes women being Outdoor Leaders. We have a good number of women Outdoor Leaders to lead the treks.


Hampi is 364 kms from Bangalore, hence making it a great Bangalore Weekend Getaway Destination not only for the heritage exploration but also for the bouldering amidst the natural rocks. Once everyone boards the Get Beyond Limits Bus, a brief summary about the Hampi Bouldering and the Heritage Trek would be done by our Outdoor Leaders along with the introduction of the trekkers. We advise trekkers to have a light dinner before boarding.


This is going to be a straight road passing through Chitradurga from Bangalore while on our way to Hampi. The roads that leads our way to Hampi are not curvy unlike the other roads in the Western Ghats. During our journey we may get to witness the beautiful sunrise, throwing light on our curious eyes. One of most common ways to reach Hampi is via Hosapete. Hampi Bazaar, which is a major attraction in Hampi has been one of the most popular places in the times of the Vijayanagara Empire. Hampi Bazaar is very close to the Virupaksha Temple. Virupaksha Temple is on the banks of the River Tungabhadra and is one of the ancient temples of Hampi.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

The temple continues to hold its importance amongst the Shiva worshipers in the state of Karnataka. It is also believed that this temple has been open to all the devotees since 7 A.D., which makes it as one of the oldest temples in the country. A trip to Hampi is incomplete without paying a visit to the Virupaksha Temple along with enjoying a ferry or a coracle ride to the Hampi Island.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

The Hampi Island boasts a diverse world of hippies, travellers and musicians from around the world. The Get Beyond Limits Team will directly reach the homestay which is on the Hampi Island and we will be settling down right next to the open fields on the one side and a river on the other.


If you don’t experience bouldering in Hampi, you don’t experience Hampi at all. Bouldering is a beautiful and a sporty art of climbing rocks without the help of a rope by using your own body weight.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

Most of the climbers use chalks to avoid their hands getting wet besides using the climbing shoes for better grips and crash pads to maintain the safety while climbing. Climbers, both professionals as well as many amateurs visit Hampi to experience and practice bouldering on the mighty boulders that have been formed over millions of years. These rocks and boulders have natural grips on them making the technique of bouldering quite interesting. Here, the difficulty level of bouldering may range from easy to difficult. To know more about bouldering it is important to understand and analyse your boulder and the technique which can be applied to scale the boulders. Most of the beginners assume that bouldering requires a lot of muscle power and strength but it is not true in all the cases. No doubt muscle power is required but the way you approach the boulders is of utmost importance. Sometimes the rocks may seem tough but sometimes it is your capability that proves to be tougher than the rocks standing tall in front of you.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

We will have a 2-3 hours learning session on bouldering in the open hills of Hampi conducted by the experts and the professionals with all the safety and the technical equipments necessary for bouldering. Later, we will proceed to explore the mysterious land of Hampi.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek


The West side of Hampi Island is one of the ideal places to spot a serene sunset. It wouldn’t be wrong to term that region as a ‘land of tranquility.’ A deep left from the end of Western end of Hampi island will take you to Sanapur village which has Sanapur reservoir lake.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek


Further, delving into the region one can also find a road that leads our way to the Waterfall Valley of Hampi. Here, one can enjoy a view of the narrow stream of water flowing and cutting through the land and splitting it into two. We advise the travellers not to enter the water bodies. This narrow stream of water will take you to the Tungabhadra Canal on the left which has a beautiful hill with a Hanuman Temple on top it. The interesting part about this hill is that while the sun casts its shadow on the one side of the hill, we climb up and trek on the other side of the hill without any sign of the sun-rays overlaying.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

One can find a bunch of pilgrims not only on this hill making a visit to the Hanuman Temple, but also throughout the city of Hampi. As you start trekking the beauty of Hampi starts unwinding itself. One can spot the Tungabhadra Canal/River crawling between the rocks thereby creating depressions and flowing through the whole city. In the midst of these calm moving yet still waters stands the Virupaksha Temple in all its glory on the one side and on the other side sits the majestic Anjana Hill. If you have a map or any other navigation equipment then you can easily locate the exact position of the Stone Chariot. Once you detect its location you can always reach out for it and relax there. The top of the sunset hill also connects you to one more adjoining hill that provides you with a clearer view of the Sanapur Lake and the canals or the streams that emanates from this lake.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

The canals or streams that originates from the Sanapur Lake runs through the whole city of Hampi and is also scattered in the exteriors of the city. Hampi as a city, has been the seat of the flourishing kingdoms because of the presence of the water bodies throughout the city. The hilltop is in a form of a plateau and one can find many boulders surrounding the Hanuman Temple.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

Once you are on top of the hill you shall inevitably see yourself striving to mount the boulders. After observing the fading of the sun in the orange skies we descend to the base of the hill to explore the culture and the lifestyle of Hampi including its locals and its tourists. This will be followed by a dinner after which we shall be putting an end to this adventurous day.



Anjaneya Hill is one the famous hills in Hampi. This hill is known for its mesmerizing sunrise. The hill is located towards the left side for one travelling from Hanumangundi to Anegondi. You can easily spot Anjaneya Hill from the other side of river too as the hill is white washed with zig-zag route marks which can be identified from a distance as well. The Anjaneya Hill is believed to be the birthplace of Lord Hanuman and hence the hill is named after him. Our idea is to reach the peak of the Anjaneya Hill before the sunrise in order to catch a glimpse of the mellowing down of the night sky and welcoming the refreshing sun rising from its warm and golden skies.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek


Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

Hampi is one of the protected UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its richness lies in its forts, ruins, temples, bridges, royal platforms, treasury buildings, architectural gateways, bastions, ancient markets and its intricate fortifications.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

Hampi is also a strong blend of history, stories and music. One can often find people from different race, culture and ethnicity to come together and share travel stories or simply just enjoying the sound of music.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek

We strongly believe in experiencing a place by being connected with it. So, this Hampi Bouldering and Heritage Trek is one of those treks where you will excavate the heritage and historical side of one of the most marvelous places in Karnataka. Even though we will start our journey as one group, as one team, we will end up exploring Hampi as an individual. This is what we will achieve: ‘Oneness with Hampi’. The ideal places to explore would be visiting the Virupaksha Temple, Hazara Rama temple, Vittala Temple having the legendary Stone Chariot and the other monuments in that area.

Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek
Hampi Bouldering & Heritage Trek


RUCKSACK/DAY PACK The broader the straps are the better you will feel. A frame oriented distributes the weight supporting the back. Suggested Capacity: 40L 1
JACKET/SWEATER The weather changes drastically, carrying a light jacket or a sweater is required at night and morning as it is cold. 1
CARGOS/ TRACK PANTS A light synthetic track pant that can easily dry when wet in case of rainfall. Cargos are rugged and are good on jungle terrains which gives it a less chance to be torn down by thorns 2
T-SHIRT/SHIRT T-shirt/Shirt Carry light cotton t-shirts preferably full sleeves to avoid sun burn. Avoid carry black as it is a heat absorber. 2-3
CAP/HAT A cap or a hat that can cover the head and face against the direct sunlight during peak hours. 1
SHOES A pair of shoe with good traction and water proof body is an ideal match. Ensure that the shoes are not old or new, get used to the shoe if it is new, as a rule you should be comfortable to walk in difficult terrain for 6 hours at least. 1 Pair
SLIPPERS/FLIP FLOPS Comfortable slippers or flip flops for the homestay and the return journey. 1
SOCKS Sports or cotton socks that don’t make your feet sweat on long walks. Carrying few extra pair is always a good idea in case they get wet 3 Pairs
RAIN COAT/PONCHO A compact raincoat or a poncho that can quickly dry when wet is very important considering the amount of rain-shower that happens especially in Monsoon. 1
WATER BOTTLE A 2 litre good leak proof water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to drink spring water, if any. 1
TORCH A small sized torch is mandatory. You would not like be in limits after the sunset. 1
PERSONAL MEDICATION KIT Crocin, Combiflam, Dettol, ORS, Betadine Cream, Volini Spray, Digene, Cotton, Crape Bandage and Band Aid or any other medicine which you take frequently. 1 Set
REPAIR KIT Even if you don’t know how to use thread and needle still carry them, sometimes they can be the last resort. 1 Each
TOWEL It should be light and easily dry after use. 1
TOILETRIES Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper, Sunscreen, etc. for your convenience. 1 Each
SUN GLASSES Sturdy, convenient to carry sun glasses for eye protection. 1


25 to 26 Jul 2020 (OPEN)

Pickup Points: Click Here

Personalized Trek: 080880 04404

Duration: 10:15 PM, Fri - 10:30 PM, Sun

Trek Fee: Rs 3298/- Rs 1979/- (5% GST applicable)

  • - All Transportation
  • - All Accommodation (Homestay in Hampi)
  • - Power Packs (Energy Snacks)
  • - Permissions
  • - Exploring Hampi
  • - Experiencing the history, the mysteries and the culture of centuries hidden in Hampi
  • - Personal time to connect with the place
  • - Sunrise from the Anjaneya Hill (Birthplace of Lord Hanuman)
  • - Professional Bouldering with crash pads, climbing shoes, chalks etc.

  • *Hampi is a beloved travel destination for international as well as domestic travellers serving great varieties of food. To give the freedom of choice and tongue, we have a self sponsored food arrangement.

  • **This trip does not include entry tickets to historical sites which may or may not be charged at the monuments .

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ALTITUDE 1,532 feet
TRAIL TYPE A heap of boulders formed over billions of years of erosion surrounds the hills in and around the Hampi City.
DIFFICULTY Easy to Moderate, no prior experience required.
TREKKING DISTANCE 10kms (approximately)
ADVISORY Take plenty of water to avoid dehydration, as the temperature is slightly higher most of times during the year. If you are exploring Hampi for bouldering, don’t forget to use crash pads for your safety.
ATTRACTION Hampi is situated on the banks of River Tungabhadra and holds a historical and a spiritual importance in Karnataka. There are hundreds of mysteries surrounding the monuments and the temples situated in the city of Hampi and one can classify them based on their locations.
BEST SEASON All seasons have their own charm. The change in the colours of meadows, woods and rains always makes it appealing to the eyes of a trekker.
WATER SOURCES Although River Tungabhadra passes like a serpentine through the whole city but we won’t suggest using the river water. There are lot of places in Hampi where one can find just water but also the regular things required on a day-to-day basis.
REGION Hampi is part of District Bellary, North Karnataka.
COORDINATES 15.335°N 76.462°E


ROAD ‘Hampi’, as a heritage city is well connected by the roads, which makes the overnight journey very peaceful. Several state transport buses & private buses are available from Bangalore to Hampi. Also, there are some buses which go up till Hospet, which is the nearest city to Hampi.
ROUTE 1 (via Bangalore) Bangalore - Tumukuru - Sira - Hiriyur - Chitradurga - Hosahalli - Kudligi - Munirabad - Sanapur - The Hampi Island
NEAREST RAILWAY STATION Hosapete Railway Station is 13 Kms from Hampi
NEAREST AIRPORT Jindal Toranagallu Township Airport and Belgaum Airport