Kotte betta is the third highest peak in Coorg after Tadiandamol and Brahmagiri. It measures around 5,400 ft. It is about 15 kms from Madikeri and is located in Hattihole region, which is in between Somwarpet and Madikeri. The name of the hill is derived from the language Kannada, meaning Fort Hill. Locals believe that the famous Pandava brothers from Mahabharat spent a significant period of their exile here. It is said that during their exile they built several stone houses that still remain in areas of Coorg. Kotte Betta also has an ancient Shiva Temple on top of it. Around the temple one can find a flat ground with ample shade to sit and enjoy the glories of the mountains overlooking the endless forests.

Kotte Betta



DAY 0 Pickup from Bangalore
DAY 1 Reach Homestay – Reach Trek Base – Begin Kotte Betta Trek – Shiva Temple at Kotte Betta – Summit Kotte Betta – Reach Homestay – Campfire
DAY 2 Explore local Coorg – Coorgi Lifestyle and Food exploration – Visit KRS Backwaters – Start return journey – Reach Bangalore by 21 30 Hrs (approx.)

Our core team is handled by people who have done multiple mountaineering courses, summited several mountains and have the experience of leading treks for several years.
We don't compromise when it comes to safety equipments like oxygen cylinder (in the Himalayan Treks), stretcher (in the Himalayan Treks), medical kits etc. Our leaders are trained to use them in any situation.
Our local support from the mountains is always supporting right from the beginning of the trek to the end. We have hand picked the right people to do the right thing.
Get Beyond Limits has done more than 700 treks and catered to around 12,000 different people in a span of 4.3+ years. Our experience caters safety more than anything when it comes to a trek.
Travelling alone may not be easy for some of us as we might be coming from different corners of India. To take care of this, we even connect people before a trek so that they can plan their travel together if they want to and make things much easier and convenient.
We believe that spreading awareness about safety as it is the way to prevent any mishap from happening. You can read about safety protocols by Clicking Here.
We provide separate accommodations for men and women on all our treks, be it the homestays or the tents at a campsite.
Our team promotes women being Outdoor Leaders. We have a good number of women Outdoor Leaders to lead the treks.


A 282 Km drive from Bangalore to Kotte Betta makes for one of the best weekend escapade from Bangalore. Once all the trekkers are on board, a brief summary about Kotte Betta and the trek will be provided to everyone. In order to get acquainted with each other, our outdoor leaders will engage the trekkers in a small introductory session in order to develop strength and new friendships which are about to be formed in the trek. We advise everyone to have light dinner before boarding the bus.


By the time horizon starts making its way for the sun to rise, you would find yourself in Scotland of India, Coorg. There is a famous saying, "We must take adventures in order to know where we truly belong", and rightly the Western Ghats in Karnataka is a trekker's paradise.

Our team will reach the homestay, get fresh, eat tasty food, leave off extra luggage to start this weekend trek. The trails starts from Hattihole Junction which is famous for tasty traditional sambar rice and pickle. After about 8kms of a bumpy and adventurous ride, you walk along the jeep trail for about 3kms. The trail is pretty dense, with a variety of flora alongside the path. You will see numerous coffee plantations, natural streams (depends on the rain) and local houses along the trail.

Kotte Betta
Kotte Betta

Moving further up, you will get the first view of the Kotte Betta valley. Don't forget to make the most of the moments as these memories will be the memories one will cherish lifetime.

Kotte Betta

On one hand you will see a scene that is irresistible, the thick green wilderness of Mandalpatti and on the other side you will see beautiful meadows making way to the hill. The birdwatchers can also spot different species of birds here.

Kotte Betta

Walking further you now move into the denser forest, with several water streams flowing during the moonsoons. You can hear a gush of water throughout the trail, and the sweet melodious chirping of birds, quirky sounds of insects while you walk along.

A small left to leave you off the trail and a further right after 0.5kms leads you to a rocky path which will take you towards Kotte Betta. This path has several rocky regions, where one needs to be more aware in the monsoon times.

Kotte Betta

You now reach the ridge, where you now witness the picturesque Coorg. Facing towards Kotte Betta, on your left you see untrammelled beauty of Mandalpatti, Coorg and on to your right you can see beautiful town of Somvarpet and the turquoise waters of Harangi Dam.

Kotte Betta


Experiencing the ridge walk, you now reach Echo Valley.

Kotte Betta

Why Echo Valley? Well say 'Kotte Betta Ka Tempo High Hai' and you will hear the hill reflecting the energetic tune back to you.

Kotte Betta

Further ahead, a small climb will take you to the Maha Dvara of Kotte Betta. Maha Dvara means the entrance gate of the Shiva Temple. The Shiva Temple is just at the top of Kotte Betta.

Kotte Betta

The views of mother nature from the temple are simply a bliss to one's sight. If you walk around the Shiva Temple, and tap on the rocks you will find a rock which would make an unusual sound giving you a indication of the cave beneath the surface. Well, the entrance to the cave is still a mystery! Exploring the Shiva Temple furthermore one can also spot two ponds - one pond used by the locals here for the rituals performed during festivals and another used by the animals.The water in these ponds are considered to be very holy and pure. Kotte betta Summit is now just a few steps away.

Kotte Betta

Walk along the trails and you finally will summit the third highest peak in Coorg. Witness the earth meeting the sky and take a moment for yourself.

After we connect with nature and have time to ourselves, we will start our journey back to the homestay.

People say that in the outdoors 'one receives more than one seeks'. We will walk back towards the bus on the paths with glory and views and memories we will keep with ourselves forever.

Once we reach the homestay, hot dinner will be served to everyone. Those who enjoy stargazing can enjoy the bright stars next to the campfire.

Kotte Betta

For Get Beyond Limits a campfire is a place where strangers share their stories and turn into friends.


We believe in exploring the place not just as a team but as an individual too. Its now time to get connected to the Coorgi lifestyle, food and the local shopping. Coorg, is more popularly famous for coffee, spices,chocolates and local wine. Here you will find the most wonderful people who are always welcoming to travellers and very passionately share the glories of their culture.


Instead to directly going to Bangalore, we will take a small detour to be in the infinite outspread of water in an area called Krishna Raja Sagara Backwaters near Mysuru. Krishna Raja Sagar is rightly called a 'Sagar' because the place offers endless views with wind usually gushing through ones hair. The KRS Backwaters is blessed to be adjacent to the historical marvel built by the kings of Hoysala Dynasty in 12th century AD to worship Lord Venugopala Swamy.

Kotte Betta
Kotte Betta
Kotte Betta

We will connect with the backwaters of KRS, we proceed to Bangalore stopping for a self sponsored lunch on the way. After savouring the food we shall continue our journey to be welcomed by the unpredictable traffic and the city lights of Bangalore.

By now you have not just conquered yourself, you know no limits and gather an experience that you will cherish for long. These are memories that shall never evade from your mind. Remember Kotte Betta ka Tempo High Hai and so yours.


RUCKSACK/DAY PACK The broader the straps are the better you will feel. A frame oriented distributes the weight supporting the back. Suggested Capacity: 40L 1
JACKET/SWEATER The weather changes drastically, carrying a light jacket or a sweater is required at night and morning as it is cold. 1
CARGOS/ TRACK PANTS A light synthetic track pant that can easily dry when wet in case of rainfall. Cargos are rugged and are good on jungle terrains which gives it a less chance to be torn down by thorns 2
T-SHIRT/SHIRT T-shirt/Shirt Carry light cotton t-shirts preferably full sleeves to avoid sun burn. Avoid carry black as it is a heat absorber. 2-3
CAP/HAT A cap or a hat that can cover the head and face against the direct sunlight during peak hours. 1
SHOES A pair of shoe with good traction and water proof body is an ideal match. Ensure that the shoes are not old or new, get used to the shoe if it is new, as a rule you should be comfortable to walk in difficult terrain for 6 hours at least. 1 Pair
SLIPPERS/FLIP FLOPS Comfortable slippers or flip flops for the homestay and the return journey. 1
SOCKS Sports or cotton socks that don’t make your feet sweat on long walks. Carrying few extra pair is always a good idea in case they get wet 3 Pairs
RAIN COAT/PONCHO A compact raincoat or a poncho that can quickly dry when wet is very important considering the amount of rain-shower that happens especially in Monsoon. 1
WATER BOTTLE A 2 litre good leak proof water bottle. Don’t miss the chance to drink spring water, if any. 1
TORCH A small sized torch is mandatory. You would not like be in limits after the sunset. 1
PERSONAL MEDICATION KIT Crocin, Combiflam, Dettol, ORS, Betadine Cream, Volini Spray, Digene, Cotton, Crape Bandage and Band Aid or any other medicine which you take frequently. 1 Set
REPAIR KIT Even if you don’t know how to use thread and needle still carry them, sometimes they can be the last resort. 1 Each
TOWEL It should be light and easily dry after use. 1
TOILETRIES Soap, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper, Sunscreen, etc. for your convenience. 1 Each
SUN GLASSES Sturdy, convenient to carry sun glasses for eye protection. 1


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05 to 06 Oct 2019 (OPEN)
02 to 03 Nov 2019 (OPEN)

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The above amount includes:

  • - Bangalore to Bangalore Private Travel
  • - Accommodation
  • - 2 Breakfasts
  • - 1 Lunch
  • - 1 Dinner
  • - Power Pack (Energy Snacks)
  • - Campfire (if permitted by situations)
  • - Local Guide
  • - Glimpse of the non commercial side of Coorg
  • - Visit Krishna Krishna Raja Sagara Backwaters

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ALTITUDE 5,400 ft
TRAIL TYPE A 14 km trek along the jeep trail, dense forests, with inclined ascends and ridge walk.
DIFFICULTY Easy - Moderate no prior experience required.Difficulty is subjective.
TREKKING DISTANCE 16 kms (approximately)
ATTRACTION Honnamana Kere is surrounded by beautiful mountains, cliffs and coffee plantations. It is said to be the biggest lake in Coorg and is a historic and spiritual place.

Abbi Falls also called the Jessi falls, named after a British officer's wife is a must from Madikeri.

Mallalli Falls lies in the foot of Pushpagiri Hills Ranges, where Kumaradhara river takes a plunge over 2000 feet. Mallalli Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Coorg.
BEST SEASON All seasons have their own charm. The change in the colour of meadows, woods and rains makes it always a new experience to the eyes of trekkers.
ADVISORY It is easy to loose the path and end up on different sides of the mountains. It is strongly recommended to undertake this trek with someone or an organization which is hilghy experienced.
WATER SOURCES There are many small streams along the jeep trail. The availability of water depends on the monsoons.
REGION Hattihole or Madapura, Coorg Region of Karnataka.
COORDINATES 12.5185452,75.7572777


DISTANCE 282 Kms from Bangalore
ROUTE 1 ( via Bangalore ) Bangalore - Mandya - Srirangapatna - Elivala - Kushalnagar - Madikeri - Hattihole
ROUTE 2 ( via Mysore ) Mysore - Hunsur - Kushalnagar- Madikeri - Hattihole
NEAREST RAILWAY STATION Mysore Railway station is 129 Kms from Madikeri